Why we should learn more about the woman body

learn more about the woman body

The woman's body still holds many mysteries… Most of our genitals are hidden, our pleasure mechanism remains quite puzzling and varies greatly from one woman to the other…

It’s an unfortunate truth that many women do not know how to identify their own body parts.

70% of women surveyed were able to recognize male genitalia correctly. The only ⅓ of these women were able to identify six parts of female genitalia, while only 50% correctly identified the vagina.

Additionally, a survey of Taiwanese women in 2014 found that many single women do not understand their sexual desires, which can stem from not understanding their anatomy.

It’s important for a woman to understand her body. Not understanding the structure of your genitalia and their functions can actually hinder your ability to orgasm because the location of your vagina and clitoris are directly related to how well and often you can orgasm.

When you know your body, finding sexual satisfaction with yourself or with your partner becomes easier, but not all women have this opportunity.

Learning more about your body as a woman is about more than just science.

The Benefits Of Self-Cultivation

Women who masturbate have better sex lives, better health, better marriages, and more self-confidence! Why is that?

Women with masturbation experience have a better understanding of their sexuality³. When you understand your own sexuality, your sex life with a partner can also improve.

Sexual expression has many health benefits:

  • Sleep better

  • Feel more youthful

  • Live longer

  • Less risk of cancer or depression

  • Improve fertility

  • And more!

Knowledge Is More Than Just Sex

Sexual knowledge is about more than improving your sex life.

Sexual education and science must continue to address women’s anatomy more directly so that women can have a better understanding of their bodies to be able to better care for their bodies. Genitalia hygienic practices are just one of the many issues that many women have never been taught about that needs to be better addressed.

Not only can you enjoy your own sexuality more when you truly understand your body, but you can also live a healthier life.

Empower yourself

This is about more than simple knowledge. Gain a sense of empowerment and self-confidence by learning to know your body. The stigma against female sexuality is disappearing as knowledge and sexual freedom prosper.

Getting to know your body is a beautiful thing. As science and sexual education progress, women empower themselves to change the world…more than they already have!

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