10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding #WBW2021

Mom Breastfeeding
We all have an important role to play in ensuring the growth, development, and survival of children around the world.

As part of activities to mark the World Breastfeeding Week, we at Health Guide 911 encourage nursing mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life as it is crucial to their survival and as well protect the child from frequent illnesses.

Below we have listed the 10 steps to successful breastfeeding for mothers, which are:

  1. Lubricating the nipples
  2. Frequently pulling out the nipples to promote prominence and enable the baby to latch properly;
  3. Regular cleansing of the nipples and the areola in preparation for breastfeeding;
  4. Mothers should initiate breastfeeding within half an hour of birth.
  5. Wear a nursing bra that is a size larger
  6. Avoid underwire bras and wear clothes that enable you to flip your bra under, not over your breast while nursing; and
  7. Make sure the baby is well-positioned at the breast; latch on correctly
  8. Breastfeed on demand.
  9. Change your baby’s feeding position but ensure baby finishes feeding at one breast before switching in order to empty the breast sufficiently; vary nursing positions throughout the day, at least once during each feed; position the baby so that the jaw points towards the plug;
  10. Mothers should sit comfortably, and take the baby to the breast and not the breast to the baby to avoid back pain while breastfeeding.

In addition, we advise mothers to wash their hands properly after each of these procedures: before touching their breasts, after a diaper change, using the bathroom, and changing bra pads frequently.

Mothers should express breast milk and preserve it for not more than 8 hours in order to maintain lactation even when they are separated from their baby.
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