5 habits ladies should develop to stay healthy and enjoy an infection-free sex life

5 habits ladies should develop to stay healthy and enjoy an infection-free sex life
You've probably heard it before, but what goes on between the sheets can have a massive impact on your health.

Here are the top five habits you should develop to get healthy, stay healthy, and enjoy fabulous, infection-free sex life.

5 important sexual health habits you need to start practicing today

1. Take (even better) care of your vagina

From getting that discharge checked out to avoiding unhealthy cleaning habits, there are loads of things you can be doing to make sure your vagina is properly cared for. A healthy vagina is critical for overall reproductive health and will give you more confidence too. Make sure you keep up with your annual women’s wellness check-ups, and that you see your health care provider any time you experience pain, discomfort, discharge, strange smells or any other change.

2. Have regular Pap smears

Cervical cancer is deadly, but it’s also preventable. A simple annual test called a pap smear can detect abnormal cells before they turn cancerous, offering potentially life-saving diagnoses. Sexually active? Over the age of 21? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to have regular pap smears – no exceptions!

3. Use protection every time you have sex

Don’t let an STI or unplanned pregnancy be your enduring memory of 2018. Many STIs, including HIV, have no cure, and once you have them, you’ve got them for life. Remember: birth control can only protect against pregnancy, so you must use condoms every time you have sex to avoid the risk of STIs, even if you’re already using birth control.

4. Know how to protect your partner from HIV/Aids

Just because you’re HIV positive doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun, fiery, and fulfilling sex life. However, there are some things you must do to keep your partner safe and to maintain the best possible health yourself.

5. Don’t ignore symptoms

We get it: it’s scary to go to a doctor or clinic when you’re experiencing strange symptoms. But with most sexual health issues, the earlier a problem is pinpointed, the better the chance of treating it. From itching to pain and anything in between, if you’re experiencing something abnormal, get to your gynae or clinic ASAP. Trust us, it’s the best thing you can do.
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