Benefits of raising your children alongside your own parents

Benefits of raising your children alongside your own parents

Depending on which society you live in, the concept of ‘grandma’ means different things to different people. Some kids know their mum’s mum as grandma and that’s it. Some others have a closer relationship with their grandmas than even their own mums as a result of many issues. Some parents have seen the benefits of raising their children alongside their own parents and want to keep up this tradition. Others who don’t believe their kids will learn anything from the previous generation do all they can to shield their kids from them.

Many years ago, many women didn’t work and those who did were either teachers or had part-time jobs which allowed them lots of time with their kids. As they grew older or retired, they easily took on the role of being a mother to their grandkids a second time around. These days, many grandmas who are being tapped by the younger generation to help with their kids are no longer available as they are either still actively engaged in their career of running their own lucrative businesses, it isn’t any wonder why there’s a boom in the crèche and daycare centers. For the few who have their mums help raise their kids and take it for granted or those considering having their mums over vs. paying for a crèche, let’s see what the benefits are:

An Experienced Hand

Many mums especially those who work will tell you they are taking a very high risk employing a young lady who has neither had children of her own nor been responsible for any child to take care of their kids while they are away. Most times these nannies learn on the job as no one size fits all. They move from one house to another picking up skills and adjusting to routines. Many ladies are also getting married late and with that is a much older grandma who doesn’t have half the energy required to keep up with very active kids or our fast-paced lifestyle. Let’s assume that your mum is available and has got a lot more energy and to spare, you can count on her years or let’s say decades of experience. Your mind can be at rest, you can trust she knows what to do in every situation as she’s been this way before. 

Positive Impact on Your Kids

You don’t have to look far for role models for your kids, hopefully, your mum and mum-in-law are your role model. You will want your kids to hang around another person you respect and who else apart from your mum. This time around, grandmas are careful to take this second chance of being a mum to raise their grandkids differently. Unfortunately, they couldn’t turn back the hands of the clocks after they saw what they didn’t do well when they were raising you but now with hindsight, she will offer your kids a better option. When your kids observe that you respect your mum and hold her in high esteem, they will also respect her and what she says, you can be sure that the values and ethics she passes on will be dear to them. 

Traditional and Cultural Values Across Generations

With so much influence of the western world on our lifestyle coupled with the increase in inter-tribal and interracial marriages, the average child is losing out on the traditional and cultural values which were once esteemed. Most children can’t speak their local dialect, have no clue of what is expected at traditional gatherings, and are indifferent to how their cultures will influence their lives. Having a grandma around as you raise your kids will bridge the gap across the generations. There will be someone who knows why what happens and not just when but how. Kids have lots of questions and when you have exhausted your answers, you can fall back on grandma to provide even more answers. 

Stability In The Home

Most of the time, if the choice has to be made, it’s the wife’s mum who stays with the family helping to raise the kids and pick up on the extras that the mum can’t do. A good number of women don’t get along with their spouse’s mum due to a host of reasons so you won’t see a lot of mum-in-laws take on this role of an available grandma. With many couples making the tough choice to live apart because of work, business, or study, grandma is readily available to fill that role of another authority figure in the home. Some women have had to leave the kids behind with their spouse and grandma becomes ‘mummy’ all of a sudden and helps out around the home as if mummy was really around. 

A Strong Confidante For Your Kids

You’re rarely around with the hectic work schedules you have the week in and out. Even during the weekends, you’re catching up on sleep, chores, or attending a noisy wedding celebration somewhere in town. Truth must be told, most mums don’t really have time for their kids or feel guilty that they don’t spend adequate quality time with their kids. If your kids don’t feel close to you, they won’t feel they can tell you any and everything. Having grandma around will help your kids have someone close who they can speak to anytime and about anything. When a child doesn’t have someone he can confide in or ask questions from, they’ll look for those answers or security from the wrong places and you don’t want that for your kids.

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