Dear Moms, You Will Always be the Best Mom Your Kids Could Ever Ask For

Mother feeding the baby

How many times have you doubted yourself as a mom?

I have been filled with doubt so many times in these past ten years that I can’t even remember all the insecurities I faced. From the many parenting books I read to the many websites and parenting blogs I read, the many parents and mothers I spoke to and interacted with, the mommy friends, the relatives, neighbors, strangers, family members, and so many more people – almost everyone seemed to be so good at raising their children.

It seemed that all other moms were able to balance their life perfectly. The children were well-mannered and always dressed properly, the food was always warm and homemade and ready on time and healthy, the house was so clean and everything was in place, all toys and books and clothes and things in place, no drawings on the walls, no food stains everywhere.

And what about me? Was I being a good mom?

I was always tired and wondering if what I was doing was right. Was it alright if my baby cried and I took a little more time to get the food prepared?

Was it alright if I made my baby sleep in a diaper while everyone said a cloth nappy was a better choice? Was it okay if I missed the polio drop and waited for the lady to come home and give it sometimes?

Did I do the right thing by giving my children instant noodles one day for lunch because I was feeling too tired to cook?

Had I done right to leave them with the help and head out for the meeting? Was it okay if I shouted at them angrily when I could not take the fighting anymore?

Was it all okay? Was it alright? Would my children still grow up nice and good and would they still love me?

You know what mommies? I did a great job of being a mom, I am doing a great job at it still, and for my children, I will always remain the bestestest mommy ever in the big world. EVER.

And the same goes for you too. For your little darlings, YOU dear mommy will always be the bestestest mom they could ever ask for.

Because come what may, everything that we do, in our hearts and minds, these little babies, the ones we nourish each day with our smiles, tears, love, and shouts, are the ones who are on top priority.

Because even though we may be tired and down and out, they are the ones who complete us, who show us how amazing we are that we could create such an amazing piece of perfection.

Yes, mommies, every mom whose child is happy and healthy is an example of a good mom, and every mom who believes in this and helps another mom believe in the same truly deserves to be told this, over and over again.

So for today, believe that you ARE the most amazing mom ever…and don’t forget to say this to another or more moms that you know. Share the love lovely mommies!
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