Google Internships for International Students: Apply Now!

Google Africa Internship Programs 2020

Searching for an internship via Google why don’t you go for Google? It’s the best name that fosters the needs of versatile talents. ‘Google’ the high-tech name with widely spread familiarity could be the host of your professional experience.

Google internship program is a fantastic and appreciable program that is specially designed for both talented technical and non-technical both. As the program is executed, managed, and funded by Google itself makes it unique and effective worldwide. These adventurous internships are offered throughout the year by Google for the heterogeneous creative minds to enrich their [professional career.

It is considered that Google’s options are limited to students having technical backgrounds like Engineering, Product Management, and Computer Science. But it is a myth Google has also internship opportunities in many non-technical areas like Marketing, Finance, and Sales. Google is uprising as an organization that exhibits an internationally diverse audience. Google anticipates that hiring the best talents will lead to the making of better products and services because of different nationals, cultures, ideas, and views. This diversity generates a base for Google to serve heterogeneous mob worldwide.

Google’s work environment can be fully experienced through an internship for valuable learning and awareness. Google offers all interns a competitive salary and relocation assistance where applicable.
The intern will be directed by a “host” who will encourage, inspect and inspire the intern and also helps in simplifying project goals and support professional development. Additionally, series of training is offered for continued education. All interns have an opportunity to attend weekly Google meetings and can also be a part of regular talks accede by various Googlers, learning about different products and groups across the company. Google has bounded itself for the abutment of the education of the future vanguards and leaders in technology and business all over the world. Google has promoted STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education to nurture the technical skills and qualities of students through regular competitions and discussions. Google internship is very popular and most discussed all over the world as it provides the interns, the name which does not doesn’t need any introduction presently. Google believes that “Good ideas can come from anywhere. As an intern at Google, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to a team-relevant project which makes an impact after you’ve left.”

Google provides Internships opportunities almost all over the world covering Australia, Greater China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe Middle East, and Africa, Latin America, Canada.
Google Internship Opportunities: Are you looking for an adventure? Google offers internship opportunities throughout the year.

Salary and Relocation Assistance:

Google offers all interns a competitive salary and relocation assistance where applicable.

Google has a number of Intern Programs around the world and great benefits.

For more information see: Google Internship Opportunities Website

Go and enrich your professional career with this renowned company and give your career a perfect turn and edge and add milestones to your professional journey. Just Go for Google.
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