How to handle things when your man starts pulling away

Heart-broken woman

It’s not unusual that at any stage of the relationship one person gets cold feet or wants more alone time and starts to pull away from the other person to get the time they need for themselves for whatever reason. The truth about this is that there is very little you can do about it when this happens. All you can do is wait for them to miss you or miss what you had and remember what was so wonderful about you in the first place. This is where things get tricky because no one can tell how long this process will take and what factors will interrupt the ‘Journey back to you’. Truth be told it’s a difficult one but you must be sure to know how to handle things when your man starts to pull away so that you don’t drive him further away.

Don’t force things

If you notice he is all of a sudden ‘too busy’ I suggest that you also get busy and stop chasing him around. The truth about the matter is that the dynamics in relationships when a guy starts to pull away is like ‘crazy glue’ the more you pull away, the closer he would want to come to you and if you chase him he will start to run away from you. When you notice your relationship has fallen into this pitfall the best thing you can do for yourself and the relationship is fall back and let your man take charge of the pace of the relationship. If he does not call you don’t call him. If he returns your calls with text messages – keep it on the next level. If he takes 2 hours to return your call take 4 hours to return his. Allow yourself to miss some of his calls and let your auto text response send him a message saying ‘can’t talk – please send text’. Now try not to get it twisted this is not about tit-for-tat. It is actually about giving your relationship a chance and infusing the excitement and desire back into the relationship. No man wants a possessive, needy, clingy woman so you have to take back your power when your man starts to feel choked by you otherwise you will lose him for good to another mysterious woman who does not jump every time his name pops up on her phone.

Get an exciting life

While your man is out there getting himself some fresh air do the same. Decide to have an exciting life! Don’t sit at home feeling sorry for yourself because he has not called. Call your friends and go out. Do something exciting. Actively take control of your life and do the things that you know would attract the right kind of guy to you. Fix your hair, lose/gain weight – (whatever will bring out the best version of you), take makeup classes, do some spring cleaning, read a book do something that improves on yourself. Whatever you do make sure when he comes around he does not find the old and deteriorated version of you waiting for him. Give him a reason to get worried that some other clever guy could have snapped you up before he came to his senses.

Be Dignified

When he finally calls or comes round don’t rush back to him like a lost puppy whose owner just found it! Take some pride in yourself and be dignified. Be polite but don’t just rush back into his arms. Be polite but keep your distance for a while. Without saying it use your body language to let him know it is not ok for him to dump you and pick you up as he desires. Let him work a little at earning your time, company and affection again. That will ensure he does not pull away next time without a good reason.

Stay happy!

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