Natural ways to get pregnant after the age of 40

Pregnant at 40

As we grow in age, we are often scared to clock 40 and the inherent challenges of conceiving. It’s also been observed that generally, more women than ever are finding it so challenging to get pregnant over the age of 40, however, this is going to take a bit more effort on your part.

So worry no more as we enlighten you below on the natural ways to get pregnant after the age of 40:

Maintain a good fertility diet 

It's significant to eat properly by committing to eat a whole food diet. Studies have shown the most dramatic improvement in egg health through diet changes alone, specifically by switching to a nutrient-dense fertility diet that includes good fertility-boosting foods like eating lots of organic fruit and vegetables and cutting out junk foods. It’s also good to supplement with key nutrients such as antioxidants, CoQ10 Ubiquinol, and folic acid which helps to increase egg health.

Maintain a healthy Cervical Mucous production

It has been discovered that as women ages, Cervical mucous production naturally declines with hormonal changes. So it is important to maintain healthy cervical mucous production over the age of 40. If you have a low or no cervical fluid, it is harder for the sperm to reach the awaiting egg for conception. So endeavor to drink plenty of clean, filtered water daily, about 8 full glasses, consider the use of herbs that provides cervical mucous production, and take a complete omega essential fatty acid supplement daily.

Need for fertility cleansing

It's observed that due to pollution in our environment, Women over 40 are also exposed to environmental toxins and are more likely to have an accumulation of toxins in the body too. This is also critical for women who smoke or drink alcohol. This cleansing helps to purge and clear the body of toxins in preparation for pregnancy and healthy breastfeeding.

Exercise daily

It’s important that your body detoxifies itself as you sweat, however, if you discover that you aren’t sweating regularly, then engage in daily exercise too. Sweating helps the body to remove excess toxins stored in our liver, kidneys, and fat cells, especially xenohormones, which are human-made chemical toxins shown to cause hormonal imbalance through endocrine system disruptions. Exercises like walking, dancing, and biking are very good. Similarly, Exercise helps to reduce fat in the body, subdue depression, increase stamina, and a sense of well being, the strength for the hard work of labor, and motherhood!

Endeavor to Chart Your cycle

Women over 40 only have a 5% chance per cycle of conceiving. If you do not have your timing down, it is going to be extremely difficult to get pregnant. So it is important to chart your cycle. Reality is, you have a 6-day window to get pregnant, with only 2 peak days. Begin trying to conceive 3 days prior to ovulation, the day of ovulation and 2 days after that. If your male partner has low sperm count or poor sperm health, try to have sex only on the day of ovulation. Abstaining from sexual intercourse for the days prior to ovulation will help to build up his sperm count. Charting will also help you to know when you may be ovulating and the appropriate time to try to get pregnant.

Generally, it is so important that you eat well, exercise regularly, reduce poor lifestyle choices, use acupuncture and massage to get your body relaxed and prepared. Try to make the process fun, lighthearted, and loving and consider seeing a fertility specialist, particularly if you have been trying to get pregnant for over 6 months. Having a full hormone test panel run will help you to know where your hormone levels are at, and what hormones may need to be supported. Seeing a doctor can help you to know if there are other fertility issues that may be hindering conception and pregnancy as well.

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