Partial Crunches: Incredible Exercise To Strengthen Your Lower Back

Partial Crunches

Are you suffering from low back pain? When your back is hurting, you may just want to lie in bed and rest. This is understandable, but it may not help you get any better.

Your back is the structural center of your entire body. The way you feel in the morning, how your day progresses, and finally how you end up sleeping at night will all come back to the way that your back treats you. Most will experience back problems in their lifetime and most of these problems will come as a result of heavy physical strain. We all have to keep physically active so it is highly unlikely that we can avoid this pain. What we can do, however, is learn this partial crunches exercises that will get you the back pain relief that you so desperately desire. So don’t think that back pain surgery is the only way out. Understand that you have options, using your own body, to help yourself. Keep reading if you want to feel younger, more limber, and healthier!

Partial crunches is a great exercise to strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles. All you need to do is to lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Use a padded mat for a little more comfort. Put your hands behind your neck or off to the sides of your head, and slowly lift your shoulders off the floor without using your hands or elbows. Breathe out as you raise from the floor and breathe in as you lie back down. When you raise your upper back off the mat, hold this position for about a second and then return all the way back down. This repetition will stretch and utilize your back muscles by supporting your upper weight. Make sure to avoid doing the exercise if or when you have acute back pain. Perform this exercise when you don’t have a backache or discomfort.

Practicing this exercise in proper posture will build your back muscles to be stronger, thus making it easier for you to perform activities involving your back during your work routine.

At home or at the gym, start practicing partial crunches. You’ll start feeling the difference.

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