Things I Hope My Five Sons Teach My Daughter

 1 Princess, 5 boys
1 Princess, 5 boys/by Ashley Myers

“Leave me alone!” “Get out of my room!” “Your so annoying dumb boys!!” “Mom, the boys are bothering me!” These are just a few of my daughter’s favorite phrases when talking about her brothers. You see, God blessed our family with 6 children, 1 beautiful girl, and 5 rambunctious boys. While I know that having so many brothers has not been easy nor will it continue to be easy for my daughter I do hope that she learns a few things along the way to help her be successful in the future.

My Darling Daughter,

You are my best friend and your daddy’s princess. Even though you may not think it now, you are your brothers’ most prized treasure as well. And while I know that at times (okay let’s be real like 99.9% of the time) you find them obnoxious, I do hope you learn a few things from them as you are growing up.

➥I hope they teach you to speak up for what you want. I know you are learning this already because I can say that you are definitely a master of arguing your way out of anything.

➥I hope this helps you out in the future when it comes to voicing your opinion. Please do not allow yourself to be intimidated. I have seen your brothers try to do this in hopes of getting their way, but you don’t allow it to happen in any way, shape, or form. I hope that you use this in your life to build a strong no-nonsense character.

➥In this day and age, you need to be resourceful. I know that being the only girl you have quickly learned that being bossy gets you nowhere with your brothers. You have learned to be resourceful and find a way to get out of tricky situations. I hope you use this is your life because sometimes we need to think outside of the box.

➥In life, it is important that you be able to hold your own. This, my daughter, I know you can do because you have been roughhousing with your siblings since you were 2, and let me tell you YOU CAN definitely hold your own. It is important that you continue to do this throughout your life. I hope you use these experiences to be a problem solver and know that physical strength does not always have an upper hand.

➥It is important in life that you be strong both emotionally and physically. Growing up with as many brothers as you have, it will be an important lesson to learn. You have to be strong and not fall for anything. Your brothers will teach you this.

➥They will also teach you to be a leader. My daughter, it is without a doubt that you have and will continue to develop a thick skin. This has helped mold you into a leader, and I hope you continue to be a leader as you go through life. I hope you excel in leadership skills thanks to the leading you are providing your brothers.

➥Please remember to never stop being patient. You are the most reasonable of the 6 and your patience with your brothers will help you grow. I hope you use your experience dealing with your brothers when they are acting foolishly to help you learn how to level with difficult personalities instead of simply getting frustrated.

➥I know that it goes without saying that being the only girl among so many boys they will without a doubt teach you to be a fighter (both literally and figuratively). Yet because you are a girl you will do this all while still being a kind soul. I have seen you fight with your brothers to get her way. But on the heels of that, I have seen your worry about them, tend to them when they are sad or hurt. I hope you use these experiences to learn that you have to be both a fighter and a lover at times. Don’t ever forget to be kind.

➥In all the things your brothers will teach you please know that despite the fact that your brothers get on your very last nerve they will love and protect you always. I hope you do know that they will always be there for you through thick and thin. They will be there to fight alongside you.
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