Tips to Encourage Toddlers to Start Walking

toddler trying to walk

Walking is one of the biggest milestones in a toddler’s life. Parents are often anxious for their kids to start walking on their own. Read on to learn what you can do to encourage your toddler to take his first steps and walk independently.

Every child learns to walk at his own speed, but parents are always impatient to see their child’s first steps, one of the most important milestones in his life. Nowadays more and more parents put their toddlers in strollers because this makes it easy for them to move around. However, a time will come when your little one will like to explore and discover the world around him by himself. No matter how anxious you are, your child will show some signals that can tell you he is ready to take his first steps and there are certain ways in which you can help him get along perfectly.

If you find that your toddler is not making any effort or is too old to be pushed around in the stroller, here are some suggestions on what you can do to persuade your toddler to walk.


You can kneel in front of your child holding his hands and giving him full support so that he overcomes the fear of falling down while walking. Stay close to him because after one or two steps he will look for support or perhaps tumble or sit back down with a thud.

Push Toys

It is a well-known fact that toys stimulate faster development in babies and toddlers. Nowadays many push toys are available that your child can push forward by holding it. Make sure the toy is stable and has a wide support base. Because your baby will be more focused on his play, chances are that he will soon begin to take a few steps to push his toys further.

Cheer Them

Visit the park or take any small trip without the stroller and persuade your toddler to walk at least a few steps. You can make your visits regular gradually extending the time to give your child more walking time. Encourage him by praising and cheering him on when he walks. If he walks from the living room into the kitchen, give him specific praise appreciating the long walk. It will encourage him to walk more.

Motor Skills

Help your child develop his gross and fine motor skills. Quicker development of motor skills leads to quicker overall development which will help your child learn to walk faster. You can help him take some steps on his own and start walking.


Children learn faster when they are with other kids especially of their own age group. So, if you think that your child is taking more than normal time to start walking, let him spend some time with other kids either in playgrounds or in play dates. Not only will your baby develop better social skills, but will also get motivated to walk faster.

Delay buying Walking Shoes

When toddlers first start walking, they prefer to walk barefoot. Not only are they wary about shoes, but it can also affect their traction and grip in the beginning. Ensure the environment is free of hurdles and delay buying shoes for your child at least until your child is able to walk more than a few steps comfortably.

Every child develops skills differently and there are many factors that work behind a child’s walking faster or later. As long as your child is learning new skills and is capable of bearing his body weight on his legs, you need not worry. Try and follow the above tips for some time before you consult a doctor.
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