Toothpick cause more harm than good. See how!


What is toothpick?

A toothpick is a small stick of wood, plastic, metal, bone or other substance used to remove food debris from the teeth, usually after a meal.

How is the toothpick used?

A toothpick is often inserted in between two teeth to remove stuck food debris.

Is tooth-picking safe?

No, it causes injury to the gum and underlying tissues.

How does toothpick affect your oral health?

The gum between the teeth is damaged or lost. Besides the gum, the tissues below the gum are a loss.

Are there any signs to know toothpick injury?

Yes, you start to feel pain and sensitivity.

There is a widening of the space between the teeth with loss of contact between the two adjacent teeth. All these lead to further accumulation of food debris between the teeth. Sometimes the gums bleed after tooth-picking, All these affect the health of the gums and underlying tissues.

Is there any alternative to toothpick?

Yes, dental floss is used to remove food debris between the teeth and it also helps to prevent tooth decay between the teeth.

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