Women's Strength Training: Your Guide To Sexy & Fit Body

Sexy & Fit Body

More each day, we hear about strength training, and how much better it is than cardio. While cardio burns more calories while working out, strength training burns more calories overall. Doing strength training will burn 100 calories more in the next 24 hours after exercising. While there are more evidence and research every day on strength training, only about 20 percent of women do it. Focusing on cardio, while sweating a lot, won’t build your muscles, and give you overall strength. Doing strength training only twice a week will make you stronger than ever. Below we will give you a guide to your new sexy and fit body.

Types of exercise

Depending on the results you want to achieve, there are two types of workouts you should do: total body workouts or upper and lower body workouts. For example, with the split workouts, one day you do exercise for the upper body and the next for the lower body parts. By doing this you will train your muscles more effectively, thus speeding up your metabolism for longer periods. Some of the exercises you can do depending on the area of exercise are Barbell squat, Push-up, Military press, Pull-up, and Plank.

Train with the proper intensity

Without the intensity in your training, you won’t get the training effect you need. For example, after doing the regular reps, the last one should be tough, and you should only be able to do one rep. To raise the intensity of the training, you should train in a lower rep range. You should use your time wisely. Don’t spend so much time on cardio and try doing some strength exercise. By only doing cardio, you will lose the opportunity for leaner muscles and a stronger body. Cardio is fun, but you won’t be able to achieve the picture of your perfect body by escaping the strength exercises.

Start exercising

Since you included strength exercises, you want to know how intense you should start. It’s very simple, doing sets with smaller rep count is much more efficient than working out longer reps. By increasing the strength that you are pulling, and lowering the number of reps, like 8-10, until you feel you can’t do another round, is the amount needed to rip and strengthen the muscles. To make the intensity bigger, after a moderate-intensity workout, you should do a round of 3-5 reps with extra weight.

Types of workouts

There are three types and ways you can do strength exercises, which are bodyweight workouts, dumbbell workouts, and barbell workouts. They are all different and the one you should start with is the bodyweight workout. It’s simple, the body is the weight and you are lifting it. By doing the body resistance we are learning to push and pull and fight. Your body will be less prone to injury and it will heal faster.

The next step I using dumbells in your training. The good news is that most gyms have their own set of dumbells that you can use. If you want to opt for home exercise, a set of dumbells doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s easy to add weight to your body workouts, and you can scale the weight easily.

Once you have gotten used to training and built some muscle, using barbells and weight sets is next on the plan. It allows you to use heavy weights and recruit every muscle in your body. Some of the exercises you can do are Back squat, Barbell deadlift, and so on. Make sure you are ready and strong enough to start lifting barbells, to avoid any injury.

Fuel your workout

A mistake that a lot of people who are trying to lose weight make is cutting back on the high-quality protein that makes up the muscles. By doing this, you lose muscle first, and any fat that goes with it, resulting in losing strength and worsening your health. You should eat one gram of protein for every pound of your weight that’s not fat. The best food you can eat is chicken, other lean meat, eggs, and soy. Don’t forget to have rest days so your muscles can grow healthy and strong.

Training has become a must activity in our daily lives, so we could counteract the way we live and work, and that’s usually sitting. A sedentary lifestyle can do really bad things to our bodies, bring disease, and destroy the way our muscles and bones work. By exercising only two times a week, we can reduce the percentage of disease and prolong our lives.
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