5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Reduce How Much You Sweat

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Sweating is an inevitable physiological reaction that almost every human being will pass through. Some people, however, tend to sweat much more than others either as a result of the type of environment they find themselves in or because of the kind of habits they employ.

While sweating is a good thing because it shows your system is in good condition, sweating too much might make you be that guy in the office that everyone avoids because you smell like stale clothes.

If you happen to live in a part of the world where the weather is hot most of the year, there are a number of lifestyle changes that can help you cut down on your sweat.

1. Employ The Use Of Antiperspirants

Spraying yourself with so much cheap body sprays will do little to mask the offensive odor that will come with excessive sweating. The best thing to do is to purchase a quality antiperspirant to stop the sweating instead of sticking to a cheap spray to mask any untoward odor that comes off during the course of the day. Antiperspirants are your best friend because they help to clog your sweat ducts which in the long run helps to reduce the way your body drips sweat during the course of the day. You can apply them before going to bed so that the aluminum salts that make up the antiperspirants sink in and are at their most active when you’re up and on the following day. Try Nivea for men, Sure for Men, Dove for Women or Nivea Black/White.

2. Wear Breathable Materials and Cotton socks

If you’ve ever worn your shoes without socks after spending a day in hot weather, you’d most likely have experienced the offensive whiff that comes the moment you remove your feet from them. Wearing cotton socks can help to wick away the sweat from your feet and combat the smell. More so, wearing breathable clothes (such as cotton threads) in hot weather will allow air to pass through to cool your body and combat body sweat. Stay off polyester if you don’t want to have your clothes soaked in sweat and an odor people will berate you for. Some days, keep your feet free, try sandals, or smart leather slippers for dress down days especially.

3. Reduce Your Coffee Consumption

Regular consumption of coffee makes you sweat more than you know in that the caffeine fires up your nervous system, activating your sweat glands to produce more sweat. It is even more severe when you consume very hot coffee so much so that it heats up your body to release more sweat. Moreover, if you’re concerned about your body odor, it’s best you stay off coffee as it can give off a less than accommodating smell.

4. Shower The Right Way

If you’re the type of person that loves having a hot shower, you may want to alter the way you go about it. Ensure that the temperature of the water you intend to take your bath with is cooler than the temperature of your body. Choosing to make use of cold water doesn’t do much good either because all it does is to cool your body temperature down for the moment and then you’re back to sweating again. The most ideal thing to do after a hard workout session or after a walk in the sun is to use water of medium temperature to have your bath. This will allow your body to adjust to surrounding temperatures and cut back on the way you perspire after.

5. Eat Less Of Spicy Foods

Eating spicy and pepperish food can actually make you sweat more because spicy foods tend to send a message to the brain that your whole body system is overheating. The brain then sends signals to the skin to produce more sweat to try and cool down your body. The chemical responsible for the production of more sweat when you eat spicy foods is ‘capsaicin’. It sends the message to the brain that your body is experiencing a burn, making the body activate pain receptors that trigger sweat. 

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