June is Men’s Health Month: Things YOU Can Do

Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month. All across the globe, men and boys are encouraged by health care providers, the media, and other concerned parties to be proactive about their health. Often, men neglect to take care of themselves like they should due to demanding careers and responsibilities, but early detection of diseases could save them from something potentially life-threatening.

Whether you're a man (or a woman with a special man in your life), here are five ways you can participate in Men’s Health Month:

Go to the doctor. Make an appointment for yourself, your husband or father, or other men in your life. Take him to his appointment. Make a day of it and go to lunch afterward. Men need regular check-ups just like women to detect and prevent health problems. Pencil it in on your calendar just like you would any other appointment.

Plan activities to exercise together during lunch, after work, or on the weekends. Play a round of golf or shoot some hoops. Go for a jog or walk. Start a pick-up baseball, flag football, or soccer team. Go for a hike or ride bikes. Get active and make it a habit. Many health conditions, like colon cancer, can be prevented by regular exercise.

Make dietary changes. A diet high in saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar, processed foods, and trans-fats is a surefire way to create inflammation that leads to sickness and disease. Instead, make a commitment to eat a diet of fruits and vegetables; lean proteins like turkey, fish, and chicken; high-fiber foods like beans and legumes, oats and avocado; and whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, and quinoa.

Stop smoking & avoid heavy drinking. Smoking is linked to many diseases including heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and strokes. Commit to quit today. Likewise, excessive drinking can lead to high blood pressure, cancer, liver disease, and psychological problems. Limit alcohol consumption to curb dependency and improve health.

Find helpful ways to manage stress. Stress affects health, increasing the risk of heart disease, depression, and other health issues. Instead of focusing on the negative, keep a positive attitude. Identify sources of stress and find ways to eliminate them or reduce anxiety surrounding them. Balance work with hobbies and downtime.

It is important for men to take preventative measures to protect themselves from illness and disease through regular screenings and check-ups, regular exercise, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. These things don’t happen by accident. Be proactive. For yourself. For the special men in your life. Get involved this month.

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