Smoothies: A wonderful way to pack more veggies and fruits into your diet!

Why should we eat fruit and vegetables? Naturally low in fat, calories and sodium, fruit and vegetables boast a range of essential vitamins and minerals. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables keeps us in tip-top shape.
Smoothies ingredients
Smoothies are easy, fun, and quick to make. They are nutritious and make a great snack or breakfast drink. During the hot summer days, nothing beats a cold drink! Adding fruits and vegetables (yes … even vegetables!) make the smoothie a powerhouse snack loaded with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that keep you healthy and feeling great! So grab your blender and use your creativity to create a nutritious drink today!

Just use any fruit or vegetable you have on hand … fresh, frozen, or canned. Kids will have fun creating new flavor combinations, maybe peach mango or cranberry grape! There are many recipe sites on the internet that can help you with your recipe search.
Smoothies A wonderful way to pack more veggies and fruits into your diet!
Basic Steps to Create a Smoothie…

➥Start with any fruit or vegetable: fresh, frozen, or canned.
➥Use milk, soymilk, yogurt, or fruit juice to make the smoothie the consistency you prefer.
➥Add ice.
➥If you want to sweeten, use honey, agave or other sweeteners of your choice.
➥Add peanut butter or protein powder to add protein for added nutrients.
➥Blend ingredients in a blender till smooth.

Awesome benefits to making green smoothies a part of your everyday diet!
1. More energy
2. Regular digestion
3. Reduced cravings for sugar & salt
4. Fewer mood swings
5. Lose weight!
6. Your skin becomes radiant!
7. You may feel an urge to start exercising
8. Blood sugars may be stabilized
9. Hair and nails grow in faster and stronger
10. Mental clarity and focus
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