Things you can do to be as prepared as possible for labor and delivery

Things you can do to be as prepared as possible for labor and delivery

Veteran moms know all too well that there are many aspects of childbirth that you simply can’t prepare for. Much of this is due to the fact that every woman—and every birth—is different. As much as someone might describe in full detail everything they felt and went through during their birth in order to prepare you. You’ll find out that your birth was completely different than what you heard.

For example—your pregnancy might not even last 9 months! Research studies show that 9 months, or 280 days, is the average human gestational period. However, only 4% of women actually give birth after 9 months. Perfectly normal and healthy mothers can give birth as early as 31 weeks and as late as 44 weeks.

Basically, you never know what’s going to happen. The same thing goes with the labor and delivery process. It’s different for everyone—but, there are definitely things you can do to be as prepared as possible.

Take a Birthing Class

This is one thing that I didn’t do, but so wish I had. These classes are usually taught by a nurse or doctor who experiences the birthing process on a daily basis—so they know their stuff. You’ll learn all about your body and what happens during birth, as well as learn breathing and other techniques for staying calm and handling pain. Some classes even have you watch a video of an actual birth—so you’ll get the full educational experience.

Have a Birth Plan

Birth is just one day of your story, it’s like a wedding you can do all the planning in the world but if it rains, it rains. So. make a birth plan have it all written down. Just know on the day they all may not happen or happen the way you want. It’s all about focusing on doing the best job you can do. You actually have very little control over the moment. Whether you get an epidural or have a C-section, it's helpful to let go of staying in control and accept what comes.

Avoid Negativity

Mind over matter is absolutely a real thing. Giving birth requires concentration, as well as assuredness. You need to feel confident in your ability to give birth. Try to stay positive, and avoid feeling like something bad is going to happen or that you “can’t do it.” Many childbirth educators feel that discouragement or negativity leading up to the birth can impact your mindset creating a mental block during the labor process. Work on doing positive daily affirmations during your pregnancy.

Pack Your Bag

If you’re in any Facebook mom groups, you already know about the “hospital bag.” As you get closer to your due date, it can be comforting to feel more prepared by physically packing a hospital bag. Just the act of this can help you feel ready and confident.

What should you pack in your bag? Comfy clothes, shower items, snacks, your pillow, a robe, massage oils and lotions, slippers, socks, your lip balm, and your birth plan.

There should be a study about what goes on in a pregnant woman’s mind. There’s seemingly so much to do, and we can’t help but want to plan for every single part of it. But don’t forget, mama, you’re going to want to get as much relaxation in as you can before your big day.
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