Yummy Scotched Eggs Recipe for Healthy Breakfast

Scotched Eggs

A warm, comforting breakfast like these Yummy Scotched Eggs is the perfect start to these cold days that are just recurring each and every week. Perfectly cooked eggs with a rich, golden yolk and then wrapped in a sausage mixture, that’s deliciously seasoned, then breaded and fried, are as close to breakfast heaven as you can get!

Here are some tips to make perfect, delicious scotch eggs. If you like a very runny egg yolk, then you need to soft boil your eggs. If you like the yolk cooked further, boil your egg for an extra couple of minutes. This will make it easier to peel as well.

Scotched Eggs Recipe


➺4 pork sausages

➺1 diced onion

➺4 fully boiled eggs

➺¾ cup of cornstarch

➺¾ cup of breadcrumbs

➺Egg white

➺Cooking oil


➤Boil four eggs till hard and ready to eat.

➤Dice your onions into small pieces and have them in a small bowl.

➤If your pork sausages are wrapped on the surface, unwrap four sausages.

➤Mash the sausages and add the diced onions. Wrap the boiled eggs with the sausage mixture into the boiled eggs.

➤In small bowls put ¾ cup of cornstarch, ¾ cup of breadcrumbs and egg white.

➤With your egg wrapped in sausage, start coating it.

➤Roll the egg wrap on to the egg white, then in the bread crumbs and lastly on the cornstarch. Do this on all the boiled eggs.

➤Heat the cooking oil and then leave it to heat for about 3 minutes.

➤Deep fry the egg wrap into the oil till its brown in color.

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