6 Hand Washing Steps Parents Should Encourage Their Kid To Practice

Kid washing his hands

Maintaining proper hand hygiene contributes mostly to keep infections at bay, especially in young children whose immune system is still developing. However, a new study by researchers from the Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland reveals the usual practice of lathering your hands with soap, rubbing them vigorously for 20 seconds and rinsing is not the best way to get rid of bacteria.

According to DailyMail, the experts say the six-step hand-hygiene technique recommended by the World Health Organization is a lot more useful, adding that you should use soap if your hands are visibly dirty, and an alcohol-based hand rubs if you cannot tell just by looking at them.

See the steps below.

1. Begin by wetting hands with water and grab either a dollop of soap or hand rub.

2. Begin rubbing your palms together with your fingers closed, then together with fingers interlaced.

3. Move your right palm over left dorsum with interlaced fingers and vice versa – make sure to really rub in between your fingers.

4. Then interlock your fingers and rub the back of them by turning your wrist in a half-circle motion.

5. Clasp your left thumb in your right palm and rub in in a rotational motion from the tip of your fingers to the end of the thumb, then switch hands.

6. Finally, scrub the inside of your right hand with your left fingers closed and the other hand.

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