Advice on how to take care of your teeth


Did you know that our teeth are unable to repair themselves? This is why we need to take extra care of them.

Today we are going to tell you how to keep your mouth, gums, and teeth in good health because preventing tooth decay is easier than fixing it.

If you’re a new mom visiting the mother and child clinic, the nurse will advise you on how to keep your child’s baby teeth clean.

What happens if I don’t take care of my teeth?

Not brushing regularly, at least twice a day and flossing regularly, and visiting your dentist or oral hygienist twice a year, make it more likely for you to develop dental cavities, leading to a toothache, discomfort and tooth loss.

In children, who are still learning to talk, lack of teeth can cause speech problems, as the teeth play a vital role in forming words. Furthermore, milk teeth create the ‘pathways’ or maps, for permanent teeth, when a few teeth are missing the permanent teeth pop out at different angles, that may later require expensive dentistry to repair.

Other oral health conditions

Gum disease

Severe gum diseases can be treated in most clinics, but if there is a sore or an ulcer in your mouth, you will be referred to the appropriate level of care.

Oral thrush

Some people, such as those who live with HIV and other illnesses that affect their immune system are more prone to Oral Thrush.

Jaw fractures

Injuries due to accidents are treated as necessary. Although simple fractures can be taken care of in most healthcare clinics, in the event that you’ve been cared for at an Emergency Unit after your accident, it is likely that you’ll be referred to your local oral health unit for further care.

Babies, toddlers, and pre-school children

Even when your baby is small, it is important to start keeping teeth healthy. Breastfeeding is best and helps to grow strong healthy teeth.

The nurse at the clinic will show you how to clean baby’s first teeth. It is important to start the routine of caring for children’s teeth as early as possible.

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