Dieting tips to help you get your glow on

Kenyan woman

This is not to suggest that you don’t do the daily facial routine. Your focus should be mostly on what you eat because your skin reflects the health of your organs. These tips are simply encouraging you/us to eat foods that are nutritious for the holistic health of both our internal and external organs.

Before every meal, drink a large cup of hot water (as you would tea). This helps you with digestion and it would prevent you from overeating.

Avoid anything white, e.g. rice, eggs, sugar, etc. Food companies, especially in the “developed” world, would bleach food items for cosmetics purposes, in the process they remove nutrients. Natural foods are better for you.

Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits. This is the best way for you to get nutrition, vitamins C, D, etc. One of the many benefits of growing up in the village is that I have the advantage of knowing food items that can be eaten raw. For example, sweet potatoes and cassava.

If you are anti-raw food, you can juice your fruits and vegetables. For those that have frequent electricity, you can blend your vegetables (spinach, parsley, ginger, moringa leaves, etc.) and add honey to make it tasty. If your community lacks electricity you can sun dry your vegetables, then pound it into powder (this is common sense for most villagers like myself). When you are ready to have a drink, simply add it in room temperature water mixed with honey or just drink it plain.

Roast or bake instead of fry. For example, instead of frying your “Irish potatoes” bake it, if you do not have a stove and electricity, simply roast them over an open fire.

Cook your meals with little to no oil, but if you must stick to olive oil and for those in Africa, coconut or peanut butter (groundnut) oils are easy to find and are fantastic. below is an example, I cooked this last night and did not use oil. Ingredient: organic chicken (I hardly eat meat but when I cook it this is how I hook it up), onion, spinach, pepper, garlic, salt, and brown rice (boiled).

If you are not active, excise regularly.

Drink a lot of water, if you do not like to drink plain water, you can always add drops of tamarind or lemon.

Avoid “fast foods” burgers, fries, etc. But if you are an addict, once a month fast food is okay. If you want to live long and have healthy skin, you must avoid fast food. Most of the food they sell is processed and genetically modified.

Say no to sugar and sweets. If you have a sugar rush, make sweets on your own with ingredients that are less harmful to your body. For example, I make banana bread a few times a year.

Do not drink soft drinks. They are empty calories, would make you break out and destroy your teeth.

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