How to Become a Journalist in Kenya

How to Become a Journalist in Kenya

Becoming a journalist in Kenya is not a midnight affair but a hard nut to crack. There are a lot of things that are required to do journalism in Kenya. For instance, you have to pursue a course in journalism and also select an area of interest that you will master to the latter. For example, you can select print media studies or simply electronic media where you master the techniques required. However, problems start arising when it comes to looking for a job. This is the hardest nut to crack where many are losing their shoes from the frequent tarmacking. I have friends who have resulted in becoming secondary school teachers or simply primary school tutors. Sadly, it is after they have taken a course in journalism in Kenya with all the hopes of one day they shall be doing news on TV or be radio presenters.

What You Need in Order to Be a Good Journalist in Kenya

There a lot of elements that one needs to employ in order to become a competitive journalist not only in Kenya but across the world. However, journalism in Kenya is a fast-growing industry. There are a lot of things that are changing every day in the journalism circles in Kenya like in the technical world, camera work, and also presentation elements. Journalism in Kenya is going 3D! All we need to do is to hold hands and practice responsible journalism.

Some of The Factors One Need to Consider in Practicing Journalism in Kenya are:

Having a good educational background that goes about mastering your language of use like English, Swahili, or a second language. Also being fluent is paramount and good articulation makes your work even easier.

Mastering your niche, be it print media, broadcast media, reporting, anchoring, radio presenting and many more as said is just the rule. Although all these are in relation to one another! Take this time and master your niche and also do more than just homework or assignment for this will make you the best in your job. Mark you, all the best journalists in Kenya have always been doing extra work. This is the recipe for talent, zeal, and also unique. So take your time to learn what journalism is all about.

What is Journalism?

Journalism is the fact-finding mission of news events, investigating and compiling the report in a process that relays it back to the people or targeted group. This is a process of getting into a journey and recording events or happenings and occurrences for the purposes of showcasing to a wide audience or community group. This is where journalists get hold accountable to the world, their countries, cities, towns, or villages for reporting occurrences in these locations. It is clear that there are a lot of alterations in the world of journalism where applications and execution vary but the intended purpose is to inform the members of the public. This includes telling them about the daily occurrences, the cultural practices, and the government working process, businesses, and organizational functions that lay a big role in the life of the members of a society/public.

The Journalism of Today

First and foremost the entire journalism is all about, researching, compiling, writing, editing, and presenting news to the members of the public irrespective of the forms of package. For instance: photojournalism, video journalism, documentary journalism, etc. in the modern times of today journalism has become the major form of reporting opinion issues of the public and the public affairs amid other mass media. This is bearing in mind that there are many other mass media forms that are changing the presentation forms of news information to the members of the public. For instance: the internet. The internet has taken journalism to a high level where e-reading culture is developed and it is common to find many getting news updates from their smartphones. This is what is challenging the print media where newspaper and magazines exit. But as the internet or electronic media/journalism takes center stage, a lot of magazines and newspapers are published every new day. One fine thing to note is that Kenya amid many other African countries is taking up the use of digital media whereby a lot is seen in the social media platforms, blogosphere, and websites. This is all in the name of standing up to be counted among the rest in electronic journalism.

What are The Genres of Journalism?

There are a lot of genres of journalism that one can specialize in today in Kenya and worldwide. For instance:
· Advocacy journalism
· Analytical journalism
· Blogging journalism
· Broadcast journalism
· Citizen journalism
· Civic journalism
· Collaborative journalism
· Community journalism
· Database journalism
· Investigative journalism
· Literary journalism
· New journalism

What are The Roles in Journalism Posts/Titles?

· Journalists or reporter
· Editors
· Columnists
· Bloggers
· Copy editors
· Meteorologists
· News presenters
· News anchors
· Political commentators
· Pundits
· Photographers

What are The News Media for Journalism?

· Newspaper
· Magazines
· TV
· Radio
· Internet
· Newsagency
· Alternative media

What are Journalism Areas?

· Arts
· Business
· Entertainment
· Environmental
· Fashion
· Medicine
· Politics
· Science and technology
· Trade
· Sports
· Traffic
· Weather
· World

What are The Journalism Courses?

  • Print media
  • Electronic media
  • Newspaper journalism
  • Magazines studies
  • Mass communication
  • Rhetoric
  • English studies
  • History of journalism
  • Contemporary studies
  • Report writing
  • Business journalism
  • Translation amid common core courses

Some of the Best Journalists in Kenya

There is always a demand to know about the top-ranking journalists in Kenya as the journalism state in Kenya keeps advancing and getting competitive day in day out.

  1. Julie Gichuru
  2. Catherine Kasabuli
  3. Tom Mboya
  4. John Allan Namu
  5. Beatrice Marshall
  6. Swaleh Mdoe (Kiswahili anchor)
  7. Mohamed Ali (Kiswahili anchor)
  8. Jeff Koinange
  9. Nimrod Tabu
  10. Richard Chacha
  11. Belinda Obura
  12. Johnson Mwakazi
  13. Hussein Mohamed
  14. Michael Njenga
  15. Bernard Ndong’
  16. Kirigo Ng’arua
  17. Sophie Ikenye
  18. Shafie Weru (Radio Personality)
  19. Kalekye Mumo(Radio Personality)
  20. Jimmy Gathu
  21. Jamila Mohamed (Kiswahili Anchor & Editor)
  22. Lilian Muli
  23. Mark Masai
  24. Albert Gachiri
  25. Sadic Shabaan
  26. Caroline Mutoko
  27. Ann Ngugi and many more

What are The Best Journalism Schools in Kenya?

There is a mushrooming of universities and colleges in Kenya that stand to offer journalism courses and training to the members of the public. For instance:

Daystar University – This is one of the recognized universities in East Africa not only in Kenya. It has in fact sent out the majority of professional journalists in Kenya. Top ranking journalists in Kenya have come from this university.

United States International University (USIU) – This is an international university that offers journalism programs to students. Here many students have joined the media industry having international relations degrees amid journalism that has different majors and minors. Located in Thika Road a few kilometers from Nairobi. Do you know that the CNN African Journalist winner John Allan Namu came from USIU?

Multimedia University – This is one of the best journalism schools in Kenya. It started by the name KCCT (Kenya College of Communication Technology. Many pioneering students have come from this institution. It is located in Rongai several kilometers from Nairobi.

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication – It is better known that all the media personalities in Kenya must have gone through KIMC. In fact, many graduates are rushing to get themselves a diploma from this institution in order to stand out in the media industry. It has one of the best implements for training media and journalism.

Egerton University – This is one of the public universities that stand to offer journalism to students. Journalism in this institution is offered in Nakuru Town Campus at both degree and master levels. There is a radio station that serves the student's needs on this campus.

University of Nairobi (UON) – This is one of the public universities that offer degree programs in journalism. We have many journalists getting to this institution to obtain their degrees even after serving in the journalism circles for so many years.

Moi University – This is also a public university in Kenya that has a competitive media department that churns out graduates that are well prepared to handle the media industry.

Maseno University – This is one other public university that has its main campus in Kisumu offering journalism degrees to aspiring journalists. One great thing is that it has two fully functional radio studios; one that serves the community and the other one at the university.

Kenya Polytechnic University College – This is a university college that has had many students enrolling in their journalism curriculum. It is located in Nairobi and has competitive journalism training.

Mount Kenya University – Mount Kenya is one of the private institutions to offer competitive degrees in journalism as many students who wish to take up journalism roles like news writes and reports take it here. Its main campus is in Thika town Nairobi.

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) – This is an institution that was started to serve business-related curses but it has also grown and expanded to offer competitive journalism courses to students from every part of the country Kenya. This includes print media, electronics, and photojournalism. Main Campus is in Ruiru with a wide network of campuses in Kenya.

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