Ladies, Before You Use Your Towel Again, You Need To Read This!

Woman from shower with towel

Many women make a dreadful mistake which is so harmful to our skin without even realizing the consequences.

We do it unconsciously every day; sometimes two or more times a day. It seems so harmless and inconsequential even, I mean, everyone towel dries their body after having their bath! But did you know you could be harming your skin with that fluffy, innocent-looking towel? (Especially if you have dry skin)

You ask me how?

The way some of us dry off our bodies, it’s like you are trying to kill soldier ants crawling on your body. We unconsciously strip the skin of all the moisture it gained during the bath and scrub so aggressively with the towel. Then we complain that our moisturizers aren’t working and that our skin is dry.

The way we dry our faces is even more important because the effect could be worse. The stress you put on your face when supposedly drying every day can cause your face to sag and wrinkle! Never swipe downwards or rub or squeeze your face with your towel. The best way to go about it is to PAT DRY. This way you remove excess moisture and then your moisturizer can lock in the rest! Try to put this into practice and make a habit of it. Share with us if you see any changes.

I also made this mistake but now that I know better I have changed my ways and noticed a big positive difference. $ads={2}

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