Open Letter: Let us give our children the best possible shot on this beautiful journey called LIFE

Pregnant woman ready to give birth

Dear Mommies and Daddies,

I have a deal to make and a promise to share with you…

My precious little angel is on his way, I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and love him for the rest of my life. As each day passes my excitement grows but so does my apprehension of what’s in store for my baby. I wonder how his life will be, if I can be the mother he deserves, I worry about his place in this world, the kind of person I want him to be vs. the kind of person he will become, the values I will teach him vs. the values he will learn from the rest of the world and just how much of my whole being is enough to help him live a happy life in this harsh world, where humanity seems to be getting extinct at a rapid speed.

After many sleepless nights, wrecking my brain for answers, scouring the Internet for advice, and heated discussions with myself, I have realized one thing for sure – “MY WHOLE BEING WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!” Even if I dedicate all the love in my heart, care from my core, and knowledge in mind to the sole purpose of giving my child a wonderful life, I am unfortunately incapable of doing so on my own. If I were the only one in his world, it may have worked but the reality is that his universe will be made of thousands of people - some known, some strangers, some nice, some mean and GUESS WHAT? Most of them will be YOUR KIDS!

They may meet at school or work, bump into each other while traveling, at a bar, or maybe as strangers on some crowded street and at some point in their lives, our kids will interact, learn, experience, and coexist with each other. Whatever the scenario I will depend on them to be nice, just as much as you would need assurance about the kind of people your children come in contact with and that is why I NEED YOU, each one of you to join me in giving our children the best possible shot on this beautiful journey called LIFE.

So, here’s the DEAL…

Since our actions, words, teachings (or lack thereof) will shape the adults our children will grow up to be, we simply need to fill their hearts with love and kindness, teach them respect, forgiveness and value of life, show them what being human really means, nourish their minds with good values, nurture their innocent souls, let them live their dreams, hold their hands and walk with them when they need us, listen to their unsaid words and let them express their innermost feelings, wash away all their fears and insecurities, give them our blessings and hope that they grow up to be the best versions of themselves, the kind of human beings we can be proud of!

Let’s make this happen for all our sakes because by ourselves we may fall short but if all of us put together our genuine efforts, we can raise amazing kids, create a generation of good people, and hope that they pay it forward. This is the only chance we have to ensure that our children get a life that is worth living in a safe and happy world.

Which brings me to the PROMISE…

My promise to you is that I will keep my end of the deal and make sure that if our kids were to cross paths someday, mine will be the friend, colleague, partner, or just a helpful stranger that your child will be glad to meet. In return, promise me that you will do the same so that my son finds goodness, compassion, and smile in your child’s company. Let this be a pact we share for our babies’ bright and happy future.

Thank you!

With Love,

A Hopeful Mother

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