Research: The key to a happy marriage is doing the dishes together. See how!

Research: The key to a happy marriage is doing the dishes together. See how!

It is what women have been saying for decades but men have not wanted to hear - the key to a happy marriage is doing the dishes together.

Researchers have found that couples who share household chores are happier than those where one partner is the breadwinner and the other is the home-maker.

According to new research, neither partner should ideally take on more than 60 percent of domestic chores, from cleaning to childcare.

As a result, the traditional family in which the husband goes to work while his wife remains at home to look after the children and do all the housework is less likely to result in a happy marriage, says the research.

It found that the ‘working husband and stay-at-home wife’ relationship puts pressure on him to provide and leaves her feeling unfulfilled at not contributing more financially.

A non-earning wife also feels more vulnerable and fears to end up on her own, whether as a widow or divorcee, it adds.

But a family in which the wife is the breadwinner and the husband looks after the house is also problematic because the man is unhappy and unhealthy and the woman is too stressed.

Ladies, you might want to pass this on to your hubbies. Here are four ways men can benefit from supporting women:

1. They will be more successful at work.

Diversity in teams leads to better performance. When a company has a family-friendly environment wherein both men and women are treated equally, employees are more likely to be productive and willing to continue doing their jobs well.

2. They will live longer and be happier.

According to a recent study, men who get to spend more time with their families are more satisfied with their lives than those whose careers take first priority. They are also more motivated to work harder to provide for their loved ones. Moreover, studies have shown that men and women who provide care and emotional support for their partners will experience a longevity boost.

3. It will lead to more sex.

Some women are turned on by the fact that their men can handle a pan and a stove just as well as they can handle, say, their cars…and other goodies (if you know what we mean). Statistics show that couples who share household chores and breadwinning equally are more likely to have stable marriages.

4. They will help boost their daughters’ self-esteem.

Little girls look up to their daddies, so when they grow up with fathers who play an active role in their lives growing up, they become more empowered. When they see their fathers doing chores and challenging stereotypes, they are inspired to aim higher in life and not settle for jobs that society deems “fit” for women.

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