Tips to ensure a healthy and delectable diet for your child, all on a budget!

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You know it's crucial to keep a check on whether your child's nutritional requirements are being met. It is as crucial to not make a dent in your wallet as you go healthy-food shopping. So how about managing a good diet within a fair budget? Strike a balance between your monthly budget and a healthy, wholesome diet with these fabulous tips from our experts.

Nutrition does not need to be expensive. He gives the following tips for ensuring your kids have a balanced diet on a budget:

DIY: Yogurt is a great pro-biotic and introduces good bacteria into the digestive system. Instead of getting it readymade, you can make it at home. Homemade is preservative-free and tastes yummy too!

Grow your own veggies: Making a kitchen garden can be considered if you have space. Homegrown vegetables are organic and cost much less than the organic veggies you buy at the market.

Frozen no more: Another smart shopping tip would be to stay clear of the frozen food section at the supermarket. Canned vegetables and fruits are far more expensive than seasonal fruits which along with being fresh are high in antioxidants and flavor.

Fitness blogger Megha Sarin has her share of tips for when you are trying to ensure your kids eat a healthy, balanced diet:

Fruits are one of the biggest sources of antioxidants. Instead of the expensively imported produce of blueberries and raspberries, go for dates. Dates are packed with nutrition and have an earthy flavor that appeals to kids!

Coconut oil can be used to drizzle on salads instead of olive oil. It provides the same nutrition and is fundamental in nourishing both body and mind. In case the smell bothers your child, you can always opt for its odorless variant.

Plain oatmeal instead of processed, flavored muesli is bound to be a great breakfast. A variety of recipes including cookies, dosas, etc. can be made using oatmeal.

You can strike a balance and make the best of available resources to ensure that your family has their fill of a healthy balanced diet on a budget!


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