10 ways to pull yourself out of a bad mood

10 ways to pull yourself out of a bad mood

We all get into bad moods—and, eventually, we snap out of them. The main reason we have trouble extracting ourselves from them more quickly is that we can't shake a bad mood if we're not aware of what's causing it.

The next time you get into a funk, don't just wait for the dark cloud to lift. There are steps you can take to improve your mood, and the first is to figure out what’s causing it.

  1. Pray. In a poll of 1000 people, religious practices rated as the most effective way of relieving depression.

  2. Act happy. Putting on a happy face always doesn't make the problem disappear but it does improve your moods.

  3. Treat yourself. Indulgences—big or small expensive or not—can bring you up when you’re feeling down. The reason: They make you feel special.

  4. Focus on the future. Although you can’t rewrite the past, you can learn from it. Resolve to try harder and do better the next time around.

  5. Set limits on self-pity. Tell yourself, “I’m going to feel sorry for myself this morning, but this afternoon, I’ve got to get on with my life.

  6. Exercise. In various studies around the world, physical exertion ranks as one of the best ways to change a bad mood, raise energy, and reduce tension.

  7. Review past success. Remind yourself of what you've already accomplished to motivate yourself to accomplish more in the future.

  8. Listen to music. While many forms of distraction help, at least temporarily music is one of the most popular and effective mood boosters.

  9. Accentuate the positive. Think of the parts of your life that are going well rather than mulling over what’s not.

  10. Volunteer. A third of the world’s population gives of themselves through volunteer work. By doing the same, you may feel better too.

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