Are eggs good for kids? Find Out!

Majority mums were of the opinion that an egg a day for children was fine. Many said it’s the ideal brain-food for kids.

Other mums said it was their children’s main source of protein. I was happy to know my boy wasn’t the only egg enthusiast around and that other parents thought similarly about the goodness of eggs.
Kid eating a hard-boiled egg
If you stay within the daily cholesterol limit for your kids, a daily egg shouldn’t be an issue

Good egg or bad egg?

Over the years, eggs have been labeled as good or bad for health. One of the most popular claims is eating them frequently causes elevated blood cholesterol. However, recent research has busted this claim – eating an egg daily is not directly responsible for this.

One egg contains approximately 185mg of cholesterol. A healthy child’s daily cholesterol intake should be under 300mg a day. As long as your child is not going over this amount every day, an egg daily shouldn’t be a problem.

An egg is like a multi-vitamin pill

Just look at all these nutrients and the related benefits found inside an egg:
Choline: for brain development, function and memory;
Folate: produces and maintains red blood cells;
Iron: carries oxygen to the cells;
Lutein and Zeaxanthin: maintain good vision and protect the eyes against harmful UV rays;
Niacin: promotes normal nerve function and helps release energy;
Omega-3 fats: improve blood cholesterol;
Protein: helps keep the body strong;
Riboflavin: helps keep body tissues healthy;
Vitamin A: protects against cancers;
Vitamin B₁₂: protects against heart disease;
Vitamin D: keeps bones and teeth healthy;
Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant;
Zinc: promotes a strong immune system.

So, are eggs good for kids?

Like with any good thing, moderation is the key. But we do hope this information has made it a bit easier to decide what to do when your child demands an egg a day!
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