Hair Growth On The Nipples. Is It Normal For Women? Can It Be Prevented? Find Out!

The Nipples.

Have you ever found one or two strands of hair staring at you from your boobs? As odd as you might find this, don’t be too surprised because, out of the 50 million hair follicles found on the human body, only one-fifth of them are found on the scalp. That leaves plenty of room for hair to spring up just about anywhere on your fine self….your earlobes, your chin, your chest, your knuckles, your nipples?

Yes! hair grows on the nipples! Well, the areola, which is the dark skin surrounding the nipple.

When we say hair growth around the nipples, we don’t mean hair as thick on your scalp or hair stubbles in your armpits. We mean one or two, maybe three very significant, sometimes noticeable sometimes not very noticeable hair strands just hanging around the areola.

For some people, it’s a no-no and some people simply shrug it off as one of those things that nature has freely bestowed on us.

Why does hair really grow there of all places you ask? Well, your new or not-so-new hairy friends might be as a result of hormonal changes that occur in the body e.g Pregnancy, Menopause. Medications that affect the normal hormonal balance in the body might awaken these hair cells in some very sensitive parts of the body. If you find more than a few strands of hair, it is possible that you have hirsutism, a genetic disorder that causes excessive hair growth in women.

It is safe to say that these babies springing up here and there are 99% of the time not a sign that you are dying or have any major illness, so Tweezers are your best friends if you fall into these categories. Try pulling out the hairs after a shower, the hair is still soft wet. $ads={2}
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