If your hubby loses his erection­čąĺ: See how to get him to rock hard again

When your husband loses his ╬Árection

It can happen to the horni╬Ást of husbands: losing their ╬Árection. When this happens, many women tend to blame themselves for not being hot or s╬Áxy enough. But the truth is that this doesn’t even feature on the list of why it happened. If your husband loses his ╬Árection, it could happen for a myriad of reasons, ranging from erectile dysfunction and extreme stress to medication.

Remember that when your husband loses his ╬Árection, he feels worse about it than you do. So without feeling sorry for yourself, we’re going to tell you about a few things you can do immediately to get him to rock hard again.

 Don't panic

When your husband loses his ╬Árection, freaking out or panicking in the middle of your love-making is not the solution. Stay calm. Then gauge his mood and either continue teasing him in bed to help him come to an ╬Árection or quietly withdraw while still being fully present for him. Go with the flow, but avoid being anxious about the situation.

Don't blame yourself

Next in line is to not get into the self-blame zone. Not being able to stay hard can happen due to many reasons. Maybe he is tired, stressed or just not feeling up to it.

Don’t take the blame for it on yourself. What he is feeling may not be about you. So, it doesn’t make you less desirable or unattractive. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to turn things up.

Allow him to relax

Make him feel at ease and comfortable. When making love to you, your man is perhaps thinking of many things. Am I doing it right? Does she like it? Am I pleasing her? And at times this over-thinking is what comes in the way. When he is making love to you, vocalize your enjoyment so that he knows he is doing it right. 

Avoid confrontation

Make sure that you don’t bring the subject to the dinner table. Confronting your partner during your intimate moments together, or even, later on, is a big no. If you think well about this, you will realize there’s actually nothing to confront him about. Instead through your small, loving actions let him know that it is okay and you are there with him come what may. 

Give him space

Most importantly, allow him his space for as long as he needs it. Don’t interfere with what’s going on in his private moments. Avoid nagging him. Let him gather himself on his own. But be available to him if he needs your support in feeling better.

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