K.U Cisco Academy sets out to deliver ICT training so as to help improve career and educational opportunities for individuals in our community by targeting the Youth and Professionals who are seeking to join or advance further in the World of Computer Networking. Our academy is part of the CISCO global education initiative from Cisco Systems. We have accreditation in teaching networking programs that as CCNA, CCNA Security, HIN, and PC Hardware & Software Maintenance courses as well as preparing the student for their certification exams.

How to get the CCNA certification?

Getting accredited with the CCNA certification can be a great way to distinguish yourself from others and reach your full potential. It is an industry-recognized professional qualification provided by Cisco Systems that proves you understand networking technologies, giving employers assurance of your competence. With this accreditation under your belt, you will have the confidence to install, configure & operate medium-size routed or switched networks as well as implement related security measures like firewalls, etc., managing network devices effectively while also being able to troubleshoot any issues - all whilst maintaining skills in wireless networking basics and working with routing protocols such as RIPv2 & OSPFv2. Wouldn't it be fantastic if having these abilities was just one cert away?

The process for getting hold of the CCNA certification starts with signing up for its official exam at a Pearson VUE testing center, or another authorized testing centre anywhere in the world. Once you're registered, you will have three months to take it before having to sign up again if need be. But now that's sorted out, let's move on and get down to business - time for some serious studying! Could be taking an instructor-led training course? Or maybe looking into self-study materials such as ebooks or online courses so you can gear yourself up ready for test day?

Taking a professional network certification exam can be nerve-wracking! It's important to understand what content will feature in the test. The assessment usually includes multiple-choice questions regarding topics such as topology, subnetting, and access lists pertaining to local networks. On occasion though, certain tests may require further skillsets - so it is vital that you know exactly what’s needed beforehand! Can you imagine sitting an exam having not brushed up on essential material? That would be terrible wouldn't it?!

The amount of experience you have in networking before taking the exam will determine how long it takes to finish; this can range from two weeks up to six months, depending on how much time each day is devoted to studying. Once you've passed all sections of the CCNA Certification Exam and any applicable recertification requirements are met annually, then its validity within IT job roles requiring such qualifications must be maintained. There are different ways that one can keep their certifications valid including attending conferences/seminars associated with related fields and topics covered by specific curriculums or just by doing continuing education-type activities like reading books & journals containing relevant material regarding those disciplines - both providing equally beneficial opportunities when done properly!


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