A complete guide to help you achieve and maintain a well-kempt pubic hair

A well-kempt pubic hair

It’s interesting how we all love a well-kempt pubic region as it provides us with smoothness, freshness and absolute confidence especially when we may have to be around the opposite sex. The pubic hair is quite a sensitive area and could be tricky when it comes to providing complete care. A well-kempt pubic hair is all you need to become that wonder woman for your spouse and for yourself. Of course, it’s no news that ladies who are hygienic enough down there are always in the right mood for any occasion that may spring up.

Here is a complete guide to help you achieve and maintain a well-kempt pubic hair. It will unlock the door of round-the-clock comfort for you.

You can be well assured that you will easily deal with a pesky pubic region if you follow our guide properly.

As choices differ, there are several ways we can go about taking care of our pubic hair. Proper washing and some hair reduction and removal methods like Trimming/shaving, waxing, using hair removal creams, laser hair removals, and electrolysis are some choices available. One can always opt for any of the listed as a matter of choice. Whichever way, here is a complete guide for you!

Keep pubic hair fresh and clean

  • Firstly, one important thing to note about well-kempt hair is frequent washing with clean water and non-fragrance soap. Not only the hairs on our head need washing, but the pubic hairs also need that much more because they are less or not exposed to air.

  • Do not wash your pubic hairs with shampoo to avoid irritation.

  • Be careful to avoid the soap getting into your genitals, it increases the PH balance of the vagina and that’s not good. Instead, apply the soap on your hands and rub it against your pubic area.

  • Maintaining and keeping a proper wash is the first and major step to a well-kempt pubic hair.

Trim overgrown hair

  • It’s understandable that some ladies prefer to go “foresty” down there, but in grooming the pubic hair, trimming is mandatory. Just before you start trimming, run a suitable comb through the hair until it straightens out. This will make trimming easy.

  • Use small nail scissors to give yourself a neat cut. Do this by slowly pulling the hair away from your skin, then gently snipping off the hairs close, to your comfort.

  • A hand-held mirror will do you good at regular intervals to check your progress. Trimming gives you the least chance of cutting yourself, especially with a blunted end scissors.

  • Ensure to keep the trimming site clean. The shower is a good spot, you can also trim over a toilet bowl so you can easily flush the trimmed hair.

Shaving the hair

This is often the most commonly used method to groom a well-kempt hair, mainly because it is simple, cheap, and relatively pain-free.

However, based on recent studies, completely removing your pubic hair isn’t really a good practice. A common reason is the fact that completely removing your pubic hair puts you at a higher risk of genital warts. Nonetheless, we’ve added shaving to the list because several women still believe that a total shave equals complete hygiene.

Meanwhile, shaving is a high maintenance-necessary option. This is because the pubic hair continually grows and the procedure needs to be repeated. Hence, the need to invest a little by purchasing a few stuff like; shaving cream, scissors, razors, and a fragrance-free soap.

  • Short hairs are easily shaved off with razors. Before you start a proper shave, it is important that you trim the hair to about ¼inch length-wise.

  • Soften the hairs with warm water or better still, take a shower between 3-5mins prior to shaving as this will provide a balanced pressure for the follicle.

  • Gently rub your preferred shaving cream over the pubic area. Be careful not to let any of it get into your genitals, you wouldn’t love the experience.

  • Proceed with your razor or shaving stick. Pulling taut the skin around your pubic region with your other hand, shave in the direction of your growth for smoothness.

  • Finally, wash the area with warm water, dry and apply a soothing lotion to reduce irritation of the skin.

Use a good hair removal cream

This method is easy, painless and neat, gives you a well-kempt pubic region. It is worthy of note, however, that not all cream removers are completely safe for use around the bikinis. For best results:

  • Trim the hair before applying the cream.

  • Make sure you read and follow the directions on the label.

  • Do not leave cream longer than the stipulated time for the particular product.

  • Look out for allergic reactions such as redness of the skin, swelling or rashes, these lets you know which cream is okay for you.

Give yourself some Waxing

This is a very effective way of grooming your pubic hair. Waxing allows you to either remove the entire hair or just have unwanted lines of hair removed.

You can also opt for a salon or use homemade wax for full privacy and also save costs as well. Waxing the pubic hair lets it take a long time before they grow back.

Waxing is done by applying hot sticky wax on the pubic area, and a strip of cotton is placed over with pressure along the direction of growth. This strip is then pulled with dexterity to remove both the wax and the hairs.

Laser hair removal

This pubic hair removal technique involves the use of a strong beam of light that penetrates the skin to destroy the hair follicles. Whenever you decide to go by this procedure, remember to put on protective wear. While it takes about 4 or more sessions for effeteness, results can vary from person to person. Laser hair removal can be very expensive. 


At this point, I’d like to break it to you that undergoing an electrolysis procedure means “no more hair” in the area. Though it will take a number of sessions which vary from person to person, the unwanted hair will be gone forever. In this procedure, a hair electrode in needle form is used to destroy the hair from the root, it takes about 25 sessions or more depending on the persons. It can be expensive as well.

Tips to relieve you of some discomfort

  • Take a shower and allow warm water to run over your pubic area. Better still, you could soak your self in a warm tub.

  • Dry the skin with a clean soft towel. Dab it rather than rubbing vigorously to avoid irritation.

  • Get a fragrance-free lotion and apply gently on the area

  • Skip shaving for some time

  • When you notice a pimple or blister, do not squeeze, press or split. Soak in a warm bath and see your primary care provider if there is no improvement.

  • Itches can be attended to by using counter topical medicine as prescribed by your skincare provider

  • If you fail to have any relief within a couple of days, contact your healthcare provider.

Sticking as much as possible to the above guide will no doubt leave you with an awesome, nice scenting pube. Moreover, there’s so much comfort & confidence to enjoy knowing fully well that “downtown” is welcome. While it may not be easy to live by this “care for pubic hair” guide, a trial will do. Start from somewhere, just take a step and before you know it you’d hit your target.

If there are other awesome ways you know to take proper care of the pubes, kindly share it through the comment section so several other ladies like you can benefit.

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