Being more connected to nature makes your kids healthy. See how!

Kid playing with mud

Soil-based organisms, or SBOs as they are also known as are tiny organisms that are found in the soil. These contain higher strains of good bacteria that can actually be very good for your children once they enter the body.

These types of bacteria can easily survive in your child’s digestive system and boost immunity as well as improve the overall digestion process.

These are the same bacteria that you try and give your child through market bought sources such as probiotic milk or supplements.

Having these good bacteria in the gut can improve your child’s overall health and also be especially good in preventing and reducing various bowel-related health issues, asthma, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and more.

What you can do as parents

⏩Encourage your kids to go out and play

⏩Stop forcing kids to use sanitizers all the time and instead just let them wash their hands with soap and water before a meal

⏩Go for walks on the grass and let them take off their footwear

⏩Walk on soil and sand

⏩Experience cool winds and some sunlight – they won’t make your kids catch a cold or get sun damage

⏩Let the body take some time and heal on its own after a disease, instead of immediately running to the doctor.

Of course, if your child is not well or is uncomfortable, it is important to speak to a doctor, but the fact is, allowing your child to stay connected to nature and allowing the body to fight off bacteria and germs on its own will only make them more capable of staying healthy in future.


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