FAKE NEWS: TSC Rubbishes the 12K Internship Advertisement.

FAKE NEWS TSC Rubbishes the 12K Internship Advertisement.

TSC has discredited the information making rounds on social media about supposed TSC recruitment of interns. A story on social media reported about TSC is allegedly advertising jobs on internship terms. However, it has turned out that the ad was just another hoax. On its official Twitter account, TSC wrote: “We advise teachers and the general public to ignore a fake jobs advert about 12k intern jobs that are circulating on social media. TSC will communicate through its official channels when new jobs arise.” The fake advert had claimed that TSC is planning to hire 12,000 teachers on internship terms through the government’s Covid-19 economic stimulus program. It is very difficult to detect any scam in the advertisement because there was no number or email in the advertisement that looked suspicious. In fact, the advertisement called people to make applications online. Thus, it is not clear what the intention of those peddling wrong information was. Or could be a genuine advertisement that was leaked before being officially announced? 

Time will tell. For now, there is no ongoing recruitment for 12,000 intern teachers in Kenya.
Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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