Interviews beyond logical rejection: why you missed that job opportunity?

Interviews beyond logical rejection

Have you ever received a phone call, email, or letter with regrets despite your experience and expertise and you wonder why you did not get that job or contract even when you were a perfect match for the job...however despite your plea and request for guidance and explanation from interviewing institution they too don't have a convincing reason other than, we got an overwhelming number of applications, you were good but we got a right match, or the job requirements changed or any other illogical explanation...don't lose heart just master the following aspects and next time you will have your dream job...I know many will judge me for this article but the truth will set you free, accept, style up, and move on...

Xenophobia, Color, or Race:

Call it discrimination or whatever even the greatest advocates for equality tend to judge you based on the number of nationals having jobs viz a viz aliens so the only reason you missed the job is that you were considered as from outside their own...the fear of more foreigners coming in to take jobs.

Gender imbalances

At some point you have had of affirmative action based on gender, your being male or female will have an undoing in your job search because the recruiting authority has clear instructions to look out for issues of balancing the equation...if the recent past saw an influx of men then women will be favored and vice where there is a tie definitely the favored sex will be offered the job.


When you go to that interview and you detect that the panelists or someone have a soft spot for a specific class, sex, or age definitely if you are not that you will struggle to explain yourself in vain.

Right or wrong networks;

Who referred you, whom do you know, with whom did you work before or went to school with, what's your family background, which church or mosque do you go to, and a lot more the job will be or never be yours depending on your networks.

You were not liked;

Has it ever occurred to you that you were eliminated because someone didn't like you...with no explanation they just didn't like you, however, no one should convince you that you can be disliked by someone who knows nothing about you there is always a are some height, weight, skin tone, clothes, scent, voice, walking, expressions, shoes, beard, hair, eyes, lips...and many more just know the way you presented yourself in the mind of the panelist judgment was passed on you...if they dislike tall persons then there you go....victimized.

You dumped or disappointed someone in the past; will never get that job even when the dumpee is not physically could be their relative or friend.

The schools you attended;

You either attended schools of high class or low class (public vs private) period even the stupidest of persons from the favored schools will be offered the job but not you.

Your social, economic, and political status;

I think the best bet on everyone's lips is caste cases in Asia...however all around the world are people missing out on jobs because they are from the wrong or opposite social, economic, and political class...

Your medical and health background;

Of-course as simple or hard as it sounds u are judged on this...

Your unappealing looks;

That God created man in his own image so since we are children of God then everyone should be given a fair hearing...NOPE, that is not the mind of some panelists as long as you look unappealing then no are either ugly or beautiful in their eyes and as such you have no business being offered a job.

Convicted before;

There is no recruiter you are going to convince that you were wrongfully accused thus convicted...and by the time you do it even the person who was offered the job is already promoted...anyhow just avoid being convicted or no job for you ever...

Have you served in specialized forces;

You may live to explain yourself forever with no clear breakthrough...

You are a threat;

This just kills are a threat or considered a threat to your supposed supervisors' will never get that job...this whole business of over-qualified for the job should be demystified its just a stupid reason for not offering you a are a threat to the status quo...period.


If you can change destiny go for it, however, there are a number of institutions, organizations, and companies that have defied the status quo reason they use assessments for selecting their staff and not necessarily a written, or oral interview...its a series of interviews packaged into an assessment to give each and every candidate a fair chance to their dream job...remember its not your experience, expertise and academic excellence that will always get you that job...think and act out of the box.
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