Quality Sleep on an Ideal Mattress

Quality Sleep on an Ideal Mattress

Sleep is one of the vital requirements of the human body to re-energize through resting. After a long and tedious working day, you desire to lay down and let your body recover for the next day. Your body can only get proper rest when you are sleeping on an ideal mattress and adjustable beds. Several questions have since been advanced on the effect of a mattress on sleep, one of them being, does mattress affect sleep quality? The answer to this question is a resounding yes since an old and uncomfortable mattress is likely to not only deny you sleep but lead to the development of several body problems. Even new mattresses are known to be problematic to sleep, especially when the wrong mattress type is chosen for use. 

Effects of Mattress on Sleep

For some time, lack of proper sleep has been credited to poor beds or worn-out mattresses, but no concrete reasons are advanced to support the claim. It is indeed true that both significantly affect one's sleep, especially in the case of a mattress. The body in constant mode wakes up tired and weak beyond the initial state before a nap was even taken. This piece seeks to elaborate on some of the effects of a mattress on sleep.
  • Increased Risk of Allergy

An old worn-out mattress is a haven for dust mites known for causing asthma and turns of skin-related allergies. These mites feast on your dead skin cells, dust particles logged in the mattress, and body oil, leaving them healthy and thriving right under your mattress. The presence of the insects leads to restless nights and lack of sleep, making you wake up weaker than you were before you retired to bed. In such instances, you can change your mattress by purchasing an allergen-free fresh, germ-resistant, and eco-friendly mattress. You must often clean the new mattress and use protectors to guard against dust since it is only then that your mattress will enhance your sleep. 

  • Stress and Anxiety Reliever

Have you ever woken up and re-energized with plenty of positive energy? This energy is channeled from sleeping in the right mattress that provides quality sleep time and comfort. The same case cannot be said for one who sleeps on an old mattress, as they wake up with built stress. Constant inadequate sleep builds up tension and elevated anxiety, leading to confusion. This constant lack of sleep, if not checked, builds up to depression and multiple psychological problems. A proper and comfy mattress is a stress and anxiety reliever giving sufficient restful sleep. Good sleep helps in the decrease of stress, mood uplift, and peace of mind.

  • Improved Quality of Life

A quality mattress enhances not only your nap but significantly helps in the transformation of your life through memory improvement. Proper sleep makes you a better performer and productive due to the strengthening of your metabolism. Faulty mattresses weaken metabolism rate leading to health complications like obesity and weight gain, mostly resulting from improper sleep leading to binge eating. A good night's rest on a proper mattress thus helps in overall life quality attainment as many problems are eliminated. 

  • Persistent Chronic Aches and Back Pain

You can never have a good night's rest with constant body aches and back pain. Spring mattresses produce creaking sounds when old and torn providing a weak support system in the process. The weakness of the spring cannot support your body weight distorting the body spinal alignment in the process. This lack of support leads to pain development around the neck and back, producing terrible aches in the processes that are persistent on continuous use of the same mattress. Such persistent continuous pains and aches deprive you of proper sleep apart from the disturbance of the creaking sound, which is a nuisance to sleep by itself whenever you turn. A very firm mattress is also known to cause joint pains hence should be avoided where possible due to difference in taste and preferences by customers. A new supportive mattress help eliminate these problems by providing proper and sound sleep through excellent body spinal alignment. A good and proper mattress will help in the distribution of your body weight evenly, thereby removing unnecessary stress on other body parts. 

Size of the Mattress

Some people prefer thick mattresses while others thin ones. Very thin mattresses are likely to cause body aches and pains and deprive you of sleep. The thin mattress when slept on shrinks to the shape of the bed’s holding bars at the base leading to the uncomfortable pressing of the body, especially the ribs. Constant use of the same mattress leads to pains and aches of the body and total loss of sleep. You will always wake up tired with a drawn body indicating the bed bars. There is a need, then, to change such a mattress to the elevation of a medium or thick mattress for comfort and proper sleep. 

  • Heavy Night Sweats

Some mattresses blend in with your house's temperature, especially when you value your sleep but operates in an insufficiently ventilated room. A very humid building will lead to sweaty and sleepless nights when using dense foam mattresses. Mattresses made from natural materials that are known to hug the body when sleeping leads to heat release hence heavy sweating. The heavy sweats end up disrupting your sleep, therefore the need to pick an ideal mattress for the humid room is vital. 


The reasons advanced above have comfortably answered the question, does mattress affect sleep quality? The points relate to the effects of sleeping on a good and bad mattress vis a vis your performance and overall health status. It is vital to consider these factors before purchasing any mattress to avoid developing health complications, otherwise avoidable from the onset. A better mattress must be sort for use to catch proper sleep. Other factors that go hand in hand with the use of a proper mattress must also be considered.
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