World Aids Day Message to the World #WorldAIDSDay🎗️

HIV positive Kenyan woman

We want to celebrate those who lost their lives after heroically fighting the virus in their bodies but lost the fight. Though they kept the faith. Secondly, all those who live positively with the virus. I pray for courage and strength for them and lastly, I pray for all of us affected by HIV/AIDS, though we are not infected. We are all affected because a family member or a friend is suffering from this disease. We should, however, remember that these people's immunity is attacked by the virus NOT their humanity, therefore, let us stop STIGMATIZATION.

All of us are in one or other way infected or affected! My brother with HIV/Aids is still my brother! My sister with HIV/Aids is still my sister! My friend with HIV/Aids is still my friend! My lover with HIV/Aids is still my lover! My children with HIV/Aids are still my children! None of them become less human! Let us show love and support! There are still people with misperceptions and ignorance! Let the Educators still educate, let the Nurses still nurse them! Prevention is better than cure! When in the situation one just needs to adhere to the programmes and stick to one's treatment! There are still a lot of challenges and let us get solutions together and commit ourselves! Nurses all over the world, be not just a Nurse in the workplace but also in the communities where we live!

I write this article to one of my friends, the unsung star and ‪a person living with HIV for almost a decade. She got infected with HIV due to ‎medical negligence, but has seen the worst of the times and faced extreme stigmatization.

She, however, didn't let it break her instead became stronger and more compassionate and has only one aim: To create awareness about the disease. She has also one wish: We treat people living with HIV/AIDS with respect and love. Nothing else. Even more amazing is, she got married to the love of her life (who is HIV negative) and they are happy and always there for each other.

My friend, today I would like to say, before the world, that you are a star! An inspiring woman. Never let anything dull your sparkle and we will all make sure that we help you in your mission by creating HIV/AIDS awareness and makes this world a better place to live. 

Join me in this course by sharing this with your friends and the world at large. God bless you and God bless the world!

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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