8 Surprising ways your husband will change once you have kids

Father feeding the baby

Every woman needs to be aware of the ways her husband will change when he becomes a father.

You'll be surprised at how much your husband will change once you finally have kids. And you'll be so proud of them for being not only a wonderful husband but also because they're a wonderful father as well.

1. He'll start showing his much softer side

As the days go by, you'll start to notice that your husband's slowly changing from being a serious dad, to someone who loves to play with your baby and makes weird noises to make your baby smile!

2. Even if you think otherwise, he finds your post-pregnancy body hot

A lot of women feel that their post-pregnancy body isn't hot, or they stop feeling sexy after giving birth. But that doesn't really matter to your husband since he loves you for who you are!

3. He'll also undergo hormonal changes

When men become fathers and start to interact with their wife and child, their bodies secrete less testosterone and start secreting more estrogen and oxytocin, or the love hormone.

4. He'll sometimes wish he could breastfeed too!

Let's face it, only moms can share the special bond of breastfeeding with their babies, and sometimes dads can get jealous of that bond. You might see your husband stealing glances at you when you breastfeed, or you'll find him wishing that he could have such a close bond with your baby!

5. He'll start to have a group of dad friends

Being a father means that he'll start to look for other dad's friends where he can share his own experiences and learn from the experiences of other dads!

6. He will start to spend more time with his family

You'll also notice that your husband will spend less time with his friends, and spend more time being with you and caring for your baby.

7. You'll see him sacrifice a lot to give you and your child a better life

He'll also work harder and even go on overtime so that he can provide for your family. It's just one of the sacrifices that dads make to make sure their family has a good life.

8. He will do his best to become the best dad that he can be

Lastly, being a dad means that your husband will become a better man. Fatherhood really changes a man's outlook on life, and you'll start seeing your husband in a much different light.

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