A guide to help you decide the perfect age to get pregnant

Pregnant woman

The medical journal of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist that contains a study from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, states that the “most secure age for getting pregnant remains from 20 to 35”.

Here are a few straight facts that can help you decide the perfect age for pregnancy as per the priorities of your life:

✔The age between 20 to 24 years is the most fertile period for the women; however, women might not have the emotional preparedness to handle the responsibility of pregnancy.

✔If a woman maintains a healthy lifestyle and eats well, then the age of 25 to 29 years is ideal for pregnancy as the body is capable of handling the pregnancy well and the woman has the emotional maturity to deal with the responsibility of a baby.

✔For career-oriented women, the age of early thirties is also apt for having a pregnancy.

✔Pregnancy during the late thirties and early forties has a higher probability of facing hurdles like gestational diabetes, hypertension, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy etc.

✔The fertility is slightly lower in the early thirties than the twenties. But, the financial stability to bear the responsibility of a child will be more in the thirties than in the twenties.

✔The fertility of the eggs also begins to decline beyond the age of 30 years, thus making conceiving difficult at times.

✔Maintaining a fitness level is very important if you plan for a child beyond forty.

Hope by now you must have known what is the best age to have kids. You are the right judge for yourself. So take a decision about pregnancy as per your convenience and comfort levels and steer your life in the direction in which you feel you will be the happiest. The ultimate decision is yours.

As the pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases to be in, make the most of it.


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