Cucumber, Apple and Spinach Smoothie

This Cucumber & Spinach smoothie is my favorite green smoothie combo, it’s super fresh and light. If you add more water it feels more like a juice rather than a smoothie but it’s still very tasty. I still get weird looks at the office when I bring it in, people think it doesn’t taste nice but they are so wrong! :)


Smoothies are generally a good choice when trying to lose weight because they are highly nutritious, filling, and low in calories.

Just don’t be fooled by some of those all fruit, high-sugar smoothies out there.

But spinach smoothies take weight loss to a whole new level!

Spinach is a powerhouse vegetable.

One study that looked at the amount of nutrients per calories of various fruits and vegetables gave spinach a nutrient density score of 86.43. This was the 5th highest score out of the entire study!

In addition to spinach’s powerful punch of essential vitamins and minerals, it is also very high in fiber.

Fiber is extremely important for gut health but it also reduces appetite and keeps us feeling full longer!

Yup, spinach really is a super veggie!

Its subtle flavor is also easily covered up by fruit – perfect for sneaking it into your kid’s smoothies!

Whether you want to lose weight, boost your energy, get youthful glowing skin, or just feel great, smoothies can help you achieve your health goals!

But you want to know my favorite part about smoothies?

They’re just so darn easy! Simply add the ingredients to your blender, push a button, and you’re done!

Cucumber, Apple and Spinach Smoothie Recipe

The ingredients for this Cucumber & Spinach green smoothie are simple and I normally always have them available as I always keep a bag of frozen spinach in the freezer. I make two versions of it depending on what fruits I have available. To add sweetness to the smoothie I either add a green apple or a kiwi. Apples are available all year round so I use kiwi only when it’s in season. You can also use pear instead, the options are endless! To add some protein I add a scoop of my vegan hemp protein powder, which also adds to the green color.

For now, all you need is:

  • ½ cup of Cucumber

  • ½ cup of Green Apple

  • ¾ cup of Spinach

  • 1 cup of water

  • Salt to taste 

Chop up the cucumber and apple into small cubes and roughly chop up the spinach. Add all of it along with the water and salt and blend till its smooth. Serve chilled.

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