Comfort Positions During Labor You Should Know

Comfort Positions During Labor

For comfort, walk, move, and change your position as often as you can. Try to stay upright, relaxed, and moving as much as possible to help move your baby down in your pelvis. These positions may help you to manage pain and avoid medications. Your partner can stay involved and supportive by helping you move and change positions often. 

Walking (1st Stage of Labor)

• Being upright moves the baby’s head down in your pelvis. It also helps to relieve a backache.

Standing (1st Stage of Labor)

Standing (1st Stage of Labor)

• Rock or sway the hips and lean forward while standing.

• Leaning forward and resting on something while standing can be restful and relieve backache.

• To relieve a backache, try counter pressure. Counter pressure is firm, constant pressure applied to the back where the pain is localized.

This can be from a partner’s hand or leaning against a firm object, such as a rolled towel, tennis ball, or wall.

Sitting Upright (1st and 2nd Stages of Labor)

• Sitting on a toilet may help relax your bottom for pushing.

• It can be a restful change from standing and can be used if you have electronic fetal monitoring.

• If your hemorrhoids and backache are more painful in this position, stand up and move around.

Semi-sitting (1st and 2nd Stages of Labor)

• Semi-sitting can be a restful position. You may be able to nap between contractions.

• If you lean forward and rest on your partner, it is easier to have your back rubbed.

Comfort Positions during Labor

Birthing Ball (1st and 2nd Stages of Labor)

• Have someone help you stay balanced. Don’t use a birthing ball if you are slippery with oils or lotions.

• Balls are useful to lean on when you are in a kneeling position or to sit on if you have someone to help you keep your balance.

Comfort Positions during Labor

Kneeling (1st and 2nd Stages of Labor)

• Doing the pelvic tilt can take the pressure off hemorrhoids and relieve backache.

• To lessen the strain on your hands and wrists, lean forward on a chair or bed.

• While you kneel and lean on support, have someone give you a massage or use counter pressure. Counter pressure is firm, constant pressure applied to the lower back where the pain is localized. A partner’s hand or a firm object, such as a tennis ball, can be used to apply pressure.

Comfort Positions during Labor

Side-lying (1st and 2nd Stages of Labor)

• Alternate between lying on your side and walking during the first stage of labor.

• This position is comfortable during birth if your upper leg is well supported so you can relax between contractions.

• It is a safe position if you have taken medication for pain or have an epidural.

• It takes the pressure off hemorrhoids.

Comfort Positions during Labor


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