Foreplay guide with top tips for effective ‘before sex’ arousal

Foreplay guide with top tips for effective ‘before sex’ arousal

Why are we still skipping foreplay? I’ve heard complaints many times before, how men often opt-out of oh-so-necessary foreplay. This is wrong, and honestly, unsafe for so many reasons.

Just because they skip it in the movies, doesn’t mean you can skip it in real life. I mean, you can, but you really shouldn’t. Think of foreplay as the warm-up. You’re not going to run a 5K without warming up and stretching first, right? I would hope not.

In straight couples, foreplay is especially important in terms of safety for the woman. It is about more than just arousal. During the acts of foreplay, multiple things happen to a woman’s body that makes sex not just more enjoyable, but physically possible without pain. When a woman becomes aroused, there is an increase of blood flow to the vaginal walls, causing fluid to pass through. This is usually the main source of the lubrication needed to have sexual intercourse. Apart from that, acts of foreplay cause the vagina to stretch, making sex more comfortable for the woman. If there is not enough lubrication or stretch, the aftermath can be very painful on the female side. Sex is usually better when one of the parties isn’t in immense, involuntary pain.

Aside from the health and safety benefits, foreplay is also very important for women to experience an orgasm. While foreplay is enjoyable for men, it is not necessary for them to reach orgasm. For women, however, the buildup in arousal is almost always necessary to reach what is so often referred to as “the big O.”

Foreplay is not just important for straight couples, though. Foreplay is important in any sexual encounter.

And, quite frankly, foreplay is imperative for the overall enjoyment of sex. It is not supposed to feel like a job. It’s supposed to be fun. If you know what to do and why it is important, the foreplay in your sexual relationships may improve, and, in turn, so will your sex life.

Benefits of Foreplay before Sex

Some couples agree on how much foreplay they should have before sex. Women are most affected and they tend to complain more than men. The discussion is how long it should last and the best way to pleasure each other. It is not an easy topic because both men and women have different levels of arousal. Men get aroused quickly and women take longer than men to achieve full arousal. While a man gets ready for sex within a few minutes, a woman will not take less than 20 minutes. Foreplay is essential and should not be ignored and left for escort girls who take time with their clients. Every couple should make it a priority before they get into sexual intercourse. Here are some of the benefits of foreplay before sex.

It’s an Appetizer

Most of the time, couples are quick to skip foreplay in a rush to have sex. This is one way of making their sex less satisfying. Foreplay is an appetizer and intercourse is like the main course. While it will not harm to skip the appetizer when eating your food, skipping foreplay ruins what would have been fantastic sexual intercourse and leaves both partners with nothing to cherish. Foreplay lifts a couple from the lowest point to more than 100% horniness leading to power sexual intercourse full of satisfaction.

It Brings Sexual Satisfaction

Foreplay makes sex enjoyable, especially for the woman. It is one of the reasons you should not skip foreplay. Women take time to get into the mood and when this step is not given sufficient time, they will not open up and enjoy sex. Lubrication occurs when a woman is aroused and foreplay is one of the ways to awaken her sexual feelings leading to pleasurable and satisfying sex.

Brings Closeness and Breaks the Ice

Foreplay can be as simple as holding hands, lying down close to each other, and soft caress on the back or in the hair and gradually, both partners will be sexually aroused. It enables the two persons to trust one another because they realize they feel the same and as the sexual tension builds up, it eventually bursts into great sex.

Even sometimes spontaneous sex can be a great experience, but that’s once in a while. Foreplay is always the best way to start when getting ready for a sexual encounter. Any time you skip it, it changes things and if it becomes a habit, your sexual relationship loses its charm.

When & Where Does It Happen?

It’s often assumed that foreplay is something that only happens in the bedroom. This is an enormous misconception.

Shared sexy arousal can begin at any time of the day. You could be sat at your work desk while your partner is at home. You might be in the shower, thinking of ways to tease them the next time you speak. It could just be an extra kinky suggestion on the end of a typed or verbal message.

The magic begins in your mind, with the help of your imagination. With teasing glances, subtle spoken or typed hints, sharing fantasies in conversations outside of the bedroom, you’ll experience mutual before sex arousal like never before. Just imagine the explosive sexy fun you’ll enjoy once you do make it to the bedroom!

Who Can Enjoy It?

Although commonly used to describe the arousal activities between lovers and couples, foreplay isn’t the sole reserve of partnered people. You can enjoy it by yourself, getting yourself in the mood for pleasurable solo playtimes and masturbation in a leisurely, relaxing way.

It doesn’t matter about your gender or sexuality either. Anyone who is interested in sex and improving their sexual experiences can benefit from learning about sexy arousal techniques both in and outside the bedroom. Spending time on foreplay as a passionate event in its own right, instead of a rushed, obligatory pre-sex chore, will make you feel cared about, allows your body to relax, and provides you with ample time to properly consider (from both a mental and physical viewpoint) whether you want to take things further.

During a couple’s foreplay, the deeper exploration of each other’s minds –and then, maybe, bodies- will help you feel more intensely connected in your relationship. Focusing on before sex arousal will strengthen the bond you share, as well as helping you both enjoy your sex life at honeymoon excitement levels.

Fun Foreplay Tips to Try

The following are some excellent places to start. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm and get creative as well. Try any of these fun tips along with your favorite sex toy. Anything goes!

Give some consideration to your hair

The human scalp is positively packed with nerve endings. That’s exactly why it feels so good when someone runs their fingers through your hair or when your hairstylist treats you to your regular shampoo. That said, bringing your hair, as well as your partner’s into the mix is a great idea when it comes to foreplay.

Try getting into the bath or shower together and taking turns washing each other’s hair or giving each other scalp massages. Running your fingers through each other’s silky strands is a huge turn-on while kissing or making love as well.

Know where to touch each other’s legs

Did you know that your legs have several erogenous zones that are well worth paying attention to during foreplay? It’s true! They include the backs of the knees, the ankles, and the toes. Take time to pay attention to these areas during foreplay.

Start with sensual foot massages that escalate to kissing or nibbling. (Licking and sucking are also pleasurable to many people.) Start at the toes and make your way up. What you do when you reach the top of your partner’s legs is up to you.

Get up close and personal with the ears

Like many other body parts, the patch of skin just behind the ear is incredibly sensitive, so it’s well worth stimulating during foreplay. (Some people have even been brought to orgasm by this stimulation, although no worries if you’re not one of them.) Try teasing your partner with gentle kisses to this area, following by a little nibbling on the earlobe. Then encourage them to return the favor by doing the same to you.

Don’t neglect the back

When most people picture their backs, they don’t necessarily think of being touched in a sexual manner. That said, the back is one of the most often overlooked areas when it comes to foreplay. However, focusing your attention here with a massage, a kiss, or some gentle stroking can really get your engine going. Best of all, it’s easy to engage in this kind of touch while also stimulating the person with a vibrator or gently stroking them between their legs. A fun vibrator can really enhance the pleasure here.

Give your partner’s tummy some love

Most of us tend to hide our stomachs for any number of reasons, be they stretch marks, love handles, or just plain old modesty. This is only part of the reason why we also sometimes enjoy being touched in a sensual or sexual manner there.

Try leaving your insecurities about any imperfections at the door and letting your partner touch, kiss, or caress you there. Lie back and enjoy it. Then return the favor and enjoy the way your partner responds.

Get to know the armpits

You may already be aware of how sensitive your pubic area is, not just when it comes to the business bits, but anywhere hair happens to grow. Your armpits are sensitive in the exact same way, so they’re worth exploring when it comes to foreplay.

Try kissing, nibbling, or gently blowing on the skin around your partner’s armpits. This area also responds well to different temperatures, so it’s a great canvas for experimentation with ice cubes, warming lotions, and more.

Become an expert at stimulating the neck

Many people love being kissed, touched, or caressed on or near their neck. In fact, it can literally send shivers running up and down your spine (but in a good way). This is because it’s attached to nerve endings that reach clear down to your genitals. That said, it’s a great place to focus some of your efforts during foreplay.

Any kind of touch you and your partner favor works well here. Try starting by stroking gently with the fingertips. Then escalate the stimulation with kisses, nibbles, or gentle sucking. You can do this while you stimulate your partner in other ways as well.

Tease your partner by knowing where to stimulate their torso

Most of us enjoy touching our partner’s chest or nipples when it comes to foreplay, but it’s important not to miss out on some of the other sweet spots. Take that v-shaped area just between the hip bones but above the groin, for instance.

This area is extremely sensitive, as well as fun to stimulate because of its close proximity to the genitals. Try teasing your partner by kissing or touching them there, but without going anywhere else (at least not yet).

The hands (and fingers) have it

The hands and fingers are among the most sensitive, nerve-rich areas of the human body. That said, they don’t just like to touch during foreplay and sex. They like to be touched as well. This makes them a shoo-in for lots of foreplay action.

Try treating each other’s hands and fingers as proxies for the genitals. Show each other exactly how you’d like to stimulate their penis or vagina by doing the same thing to their fingers and hands. Stimulating, kissing, or sucking your partner’s fingers during sex can also be a major turn-on.

Of course, these are far from the only ways to get your engine, as well as your partner’s, going in a major way. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Definitely don’t be afraid to ask your partner to touch you in ways that you think might feel nice. You’ll both love the experience of discovering one another.

Final Word

Do you want to exult, scream, scream with pleasure, get out of this wise body to discover the depths of our own sexuality? With just a few sex ad clicks, you can unleash your boundless imagination with a real partner who, though behind the screen, appears closer to you than ever.
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