Guide to Diapering a Boy and Girl… It’s Different

Changing a boy and girl’s diaper appear the same, but each has its own set of challenges. You are more likely to get sprayed on when changing your little boy’s diaper while for a girl the session demands more careful cleaning.

We have explained the subtle differences between diapering a boy and girl in this blog post.

Guide For Girls

The excretory system in girls is structured differently than in boys. The urethral opening, the vaginal opening, and the anal opening are located very close to each other. This makes girls more vulnerable to urinary tract infections (UTIs). Change a soiled diaper as soon as possible to reduce the risk of UTIs. If compared to leakages, the cases are higher in girls. So, leaving on a dirty diaper for too long might have you cleaning up large, stinky messes later.

Take greater care when wiping her private parts and bottom. Wipe away from the genitals and towards the anus especially after your baby has pooped. This prevents the accidental entry of bacteria into the urethral and vaginal openings. The warmth and moisture of her urinary tract provide a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Wipe carefully between all the folds. Use a clean, wet washcloth. Avoid using soap.

In girls, the urine tends to spread out more, even a small amount of space between the diaper and thigh allows passage for urine to leak out.

Guide For Boys

With boys, the flow of urine is more concentrated. A boy tends to wet his diaper more on the front. Leakages in boys occur when their little wee-wees point in the wrong direction. They leak at the top of the diaper. When putting on his diaper, make sure the penis is directed downwards. Cover his penis with a towel or a diaper while you change him. Boys have a kind of pee reflex; they feel the urge to urinate when exposed to the cool air. So, be prepared for a few pee-attacks, if you've uncovered. As a matter of fact, you will get peed on at least once. Wipe his penis and the area under the scrotum carefully.

Other Tips:

Use a soft, changing pad, preferably a waterproof one or one with washable covers, for the changing station. It is easier to clean up the mess if your little one urinates or poops a little more while you are changing him or her.

Undo the tabs of the soiled diaper but leave it where it is until you have wiped your baby clean. Above all, don’t leave your baby unattended on the changing table. The slight movement might cause your baby to roll over.

So, to conclude, diapering does a few differences gender-wise. You might struggle at the start, but don’t give up. You will figure things out gradually. It’s all part and parcel of parenting.


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