Health Benefits of Eating Green bananas (Matoke) (Infographic)

Green bananas (Matoke)

It should come as no surprise that bananas are the most popular fruit in the entire world. Grown almost everywhere, bananas including the green ones, have become a staple product in the diet of many people across the world.

As bananas are one of those fruits which don’t really have a particular season, they are readily available in the market and are not very expensive either. Usually, farmers don’t let the fruit ripen as they are harvested while they are in their green state. The fruit ripens during the long process of distribution. Also, some people prefer eating them while they are green.

Green Bananas have become more common as researches have shown that bananas become quite different as they ripen and some nutrients get lost in the process. Studies have concluded that green bananas contain insoluble fibers making it much more different than other fruits.

Although green banana is much more starchy, the variety of starch it has is quite resistant and functions more like soluble fiber. This helps to improve insulin sensitivity, keeps you satiated for longer, as well as lower blood sugar levels.

Possible ways of eating a green banana are either by boiling it or frying it as it may not be as appetizing to eat green banana directly just like a normal yellow one.

Below are various health benefits of eating a green banana;

Health Benefits of Eating Green bananas (Matoke) (Infographic)

Excellent Source Of Fiber

According to research, just a single cup of boiled green bananas can meet 14-15% of your daily fiber requirement. As fiber is known for blood sugar regulation, green banana helps control sugar spikes. Fiber also helps by adding bulk to stool and avoiding constipation which may lead to several other diseases. While avoiding the risk of diabetes, this fruit helps slow digestion making you feel satiated for a longer period of time and, thus, aiding in weight loss.

High Potassium Value

Whether it be a green or a yellow banana, there would always be a high serving of potassium. Just a cup of boiled bananas provides more than 500 mg of Potassium. An adequate amount of potassium is recommended for the body as it helps control blood pressure. Furthermore, our body also requires potassium for optimal movements of our body parts, nerve control and for the cleansing of big organs such as the liver.

Good For Probiotic Bacteria

There are bad bacteria and then there are good ones. While the bad ones are responsible for diseases and infections, the good ones (probiotic bacteria) on the other hand, can be found in our guts and are constantly working to keep us healthy. Fruits, such as green bananas, are a very good source of nutrition for these probiotic bacteria and, in turn, they keep our stomach safe while helping to maintain our general wellbeing.

Prevents Upset Stomach And Diarrhea

As this fruit is digested slowly, the stomach is not overly worked, thus, avoiding nausea and upset stomach. Furthermore, the fiber, in green bananas, keeps one’s stools bulky while avoiding bleeding. During diarrhea, the patient is usually worried about an empty stomach. With boiled green bananas the rich nutrients keep the patient healthy and full for a much longer period.

Rich In Vitamin B6

Just like numerous fruits and vegetables, green bananas are rich in vitamins and nutrients required for daily intake. Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, which is a major component of green bananas, helps keep us calm and relaxed the entire day by stabilizing our nervous system.

Good For Diabetic Diet

Unlike the yellow ones, the sugar amounts in the green bananas are much lower meaning that diabetic patients suffering from type 2 diabetes can easily include green bananas in their regular diet and avail themselves all the benefits of this fruit. When a person is suffering from diabetes, the person tends to lose weight as a result of lack of nutrients. Green bananas, with its rich minerals, allow the body to retain its weight as it is digested and assimilated slowly into the body. Green bananas also control sugar in the bloodstream, thus, keeping the diabetic healthy.

Has Resistant Starch

The starch contained in this fruit is highly resistant meaning it doesn’t break down easily. Recently there was a research conducted by the University of Colorado which determined this resistance in starch could be regarded as one of the most brilliant benefits of any fruit as it concluded that through this resistance, fat storage in the body can be reduced considerably through the better regulation and improvement of insulin activity.

Could Be Served As Part Of Desserts

Chefs throughout the world use bananas in many desserts especially when there is chocolate involved. They could also use boiled green bananas as an alternative.

Allows For Better Nutrient Absorption

The fruit not only is full of nutrients but daily intake of green bananas also aids in better nutrient absorption, by the body, as its properties allow a person to optimally extract nutrients from every meal they consume.

Cholesterol Level Regulation

The dietary fiber found in green bananas not only assists metabolism but is also known to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks by reducing levels of cholesterol from the arteries as well as regulating healthy blood pressure.

Weight Loss

As mentioned before, the resistant starch in green bananas avoid the accumulation of fat, thus, increasing lean muscle and aiding in weight loss. Green banana is highly recommended during weight loss regimes as it helps reduce body fat deposition.

Natural Supplement

Almost every muscle training encourages the intake of bananas, especially the green ones due to its less sugar. Trainers and athletes recommend eating a cup of boiled green bananas before any workout because the compounds present in the fruit boost energy levels working almost like an energy drink.

Great For Every Diet

Not every fruit is good for all diets, for instance, low carb diets such as the ketogenic diet require people to intake low-carb products making them stay away from bananas. However, green bananas have low sugar content meaning the carb intake would remain minimal while other nutrient demands would be met.

For Healthy Immune System

Antioxidants are an essential thing for our body, especially when fighting off the effects of harmful free radicals. Green bananas are rich in antioxidants. They fight off viral infections, thus, keeping your immunity strong.

Vitamin C

Usually found in fruits such as orange and peach, vitamin C is relatively more in green bananas than in yellow bananas. Vitamin C helps in boosting your immune system, helps in keeping your skin healthy as well as inhibits harmful free radicals.

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