How to keep your blood sugar normal

Normal blood sugar

If your sugar level is too low or too high, your memory is impaired and degenerative diseases can be exacerbated – something that particularly affects older people. Here are the tips on how to normalize your sugar level in the body.

➧ Choose foods with a low glycaemic index. This includes fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole-grain cereals.

Avoid high glycaemic index foods. Eat less refined carbohydrates, desserts, sweets, and soft drinks.

➧ Always eat breakfast and have a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but restrict the size of your lunch and dinner. Cutting down the total number of calories promotes longevity, but you need to choose the right foods.

➧If you have a problem with fluctuating blood sugar levels, supplementing with chromium, 200 micrograms daily, should help. You may also combine chromium with spirulina to good effect.

The antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid or ALA (60-100MG daily) protects brain cells and helps with blood sugar control.


Cut downIncrease
Bad fats, omega-6 fatsOmega-3 fats
High glycaemic index foodsLow glycaemic index foods
Size of mealsNumber of meals
Excitotoxins (e.g. aspartame, MSG)Organic fruit and vegetables
Addictive, preservatives, packaged and processed foodsFresh and raw foods

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