Most of us face our overweight issue throughout our lives; some of us successfully get rid of it while others just do not care. But there are some problems that even after trying we feel helpless about, and one of them is the fat on our face and let's agree on the fact that nobody wants a giant face.

A fat face can be because of two obvious reasons.

  1. You got that from your parents.

  2. Your body contains a lot of fat.

While we may find ourselves helpless with the first reason, we can work on ourselves on the prior one. We spend hours in front of the mirror contouring our face because we cannot do it in real life but what if I tell you it is easier than you think and here is how.


I have said this on many occasions and on many platforms that you cannot just lose fat from a particular part of your body. The stubborn fats from face, tummy or hip are hard to get rid of and to do so you have to work on your entire body.


Most people think that to shed weight it is essential to eat less and exercise more. While I am not stopping you from exercising, I will ask you to eat right, not more not less.

Try to see what time is right to eat what you are having. Like, it is best to consume the food with calories in your breakfast so that it will burn throughout the day. Also, try eating slowly while taking small bites each time you eat. What happens is, our brain takes 20 minutes to understand that you are full. So, if you eat slowly, you will take longer to finish your food hence no overeating. Also, check this. HCG food list from HCG diet info to make your life easy and delicious.

Try to add things to your diet that will help your metabolism to work faster as fast metabolism makes weight loss easy. The following are the things that will help you boost your metabolism.

  • Eat nut and seeds

  • Drink coffee

  • Drink as much water as possible

  • Include more and more vegetables and fruits in your diet

  • Eat garlic

  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol

  • Allow yourself some sunshine


When talking about your appearance and your personality, the first thing that people notice is your face. So, it is not enough to take care of your overall aura and neglect your face. To tune up your face try to do these following exercises five days a week.

  • Jaw release

  • Lips pull

  • Chin lifts

  • Fish face

  • Tightly close eyes

  • Blowing air exercise

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Michelle HannanMichelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she's on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at $ads={2}
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