Tips to maintain good posture during Pregnancy

Tips to maintain good posture during Pregnancy

Congrats! You are going to be a mother soon and you must be pretty excited about this fact. You will be looking forward to a healthy pregnancy; however, at times pregnant women complain about back pain and neck pain. The back pain experienced throughout pregnancy is due to the strain on the back, as a result of the baby’s growing weight. Maintaining a good posture is the only cure to avoid back pain.

Here is how you can maintain good posture during pregnancy:

Stand Straight: To have a good pregnancy posture, make sure you hold your head and neck straight. Avoid tilting your head and keep your knees straight without locking them. You can also try practicing standing upright against a wall and straightening your spine.

Drop your shoulders naturally: Throwing your shoulder blades too far back will only cause more strain in your lower back during pregnancy. In order to maintain a good posture, allow your shoulders to drop naturally. This will help you stay in a correct and relaxed position.

Sit up Straight: When sitting, use a straight-backed chair. Try placing a pillow behind your lower back for support during pregnancy. You can also place your feet squarely on the ground or use a footstool to take the pressure off your back. This is a good way to improve your sitting posture during pregnancy.

Avoid standing for Long: Standing for a long time during pregnancy can adversely affect your blood circulation and make your ankles and feet swell. Several studies have shown that pregnant females who have standing jobs are more likely to deliver small babies. If you need to stand long, rest a foot on a stool for some time and then switch. Do foot exercises to maintain good blood circulation in your calf muscles.

Pull your buttocks in: Pulling in your buttocks during pregnancy can help correct your pelvic posture. This shifts your weight in such a manner that the displaced center of gravity stands corrected. You can practice this posture standing against a wall.

Avoid locking your knees: Locking your knees can strain your lower back during pregnancy. To avoid this, stand on your feet with shoulders wide apart and bend the knees a bit to allow your thighs to support the weight of your body. Make sure your weight spreads across your entire foot and does not strain your heels. Practice posture during pregnancy as it is beneficial and safe for you and your baby.

Shift Gradually: When you try to sit after standing for a long time, bend gently. Make sure you avoid any jerky movement as it can cause strain and injury to your weakened ligaments.

These tips can help maintain the right posture during pregnancy and keep pains and aches at bay. If you continue to experience any pain, seek medical help.
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