Top 10 highest paid CEOs in Kenya and their salaries

Top 10 highest paid CEOs in Kenya and their salaries

Highest-Paid CEOs in Kenya: Some of Kenya’s chief executive officers take hundreds of millions in salaries every year. In this feature, we take a look at some of the highest-paid executives and the amount of salaries and allowances they take home every month.

Leading the list from the top is Cooperative Bank Of Kenya MD Gideon Muriuki with Ksh 31.37 Million per month followed by the Kenya Commercial Bank CEO Mr. Joshua Oigara with Ksh 22.75 Million per month.

Closing the list is the Centum CEO James Mworia with Ksh 3.75 million per month.

James at some point got a bonus of about Ksh 325 million as a bonus.

We do not understand the criteria they’re using to pay such a big amount.

Could it be possible that they’re getting performance bonuses based on a percentage of gross profit, say 1%? That is not a monthly salary. If you get 25 billion in profits, you get 250 million in bonus. 1% per year. Because we all know that running a big business is not easy. Ask the likes of Tuskys, Nakumatt, Uchumi, or Chase Bank.
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