How do a pregnant woman's emotions impact her baby? Find out!

Happy pregnant woman

Mum, have you ever wondered what happens to the little one inside you when you laugh? Get to know how your happiness and your baby’s health are connected.

Baby feelings during pregnancy are highly influenced by how the pregnant mum feels. Your yet-to-be-born baby is able to feel and absorb all your emotions — both happy ones and sad ones. Like a little sponge, your baby soaks in all the love and warmth that you feel.

So, what happens to this little love in your belly when you laugh, smile, and feel happy? Let's find out because it's absolutely beautiful — and really cute!

Baby feelings in pregnancy: How do a mum's emotions impact her baby?

Experts say that by the time you are in the sixth month of your pregnancy, your little sweetie can already feel the impact of your own emotions.

Your stress management and coping techniques, the way you deal with feeling sad and angry, or how often and heartily you laugh — all these and more have an impact on your munchkin while they are still inside you.

Why you should laugh more often during pregnancy

Dr. Janet DiPietro, Vice Dean for Research and Faculty at John Hopkins shares what happens when pregnant mums laugh.

The little one inside them physically bounces up and down!

You only have to laugh or giggle during an ultrasound to see your sweet little bubba bouncing around like a little ball!

Apart from this fun phenomenon that will have you giggling your way through pregnancy, there are other important reasons to be happy while pregnant.

Prenatal stress can shape the temperament of a child, later on, making them more prone to depression. So allow yourself to enjoy those laughter doses every now and then. Pregnant mums who experience less anxiety and more joy help their little ones to cope with stress in a better way. In fact, babies may naturally have lower anxiety levels upon birth.

Being happy and joyful also positively impacts your nervous system. The heart rate variability (HRV) that measures the variation in time between each heartbeat, indicates how balanced your overall nervous system is. A reassured and content mother is healthier, and her nervous system is balanced. This, in turn, helps in keeping your little one’s nervous system healthy as they are both intimately connected.

So, pregnant mums, laugh more often. Stay happy. And see how this reflects in your baby's healthy development!

Source: Familyshare

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