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To be the best girlfriend he ever dated, the memories of what you both shared is engraved in his heart and it’s a living hell for the new girlfriend as you are everything he still wants in a girl but it just couldn’t work out!

For a relationship to work out both parties need to understand that not only are they in a relationship together but you both exist individually as a single entity.

Respect, tolerance, understanding, patience and amongst others are virtues required for the smooth sail of a love affair. It’s not about been the best cook or the fact that you do his laundry or help clean his house that qualifies you for this position but many other factors, let’s have a look at a few tips on how to be the best girl he ever dated:


I am a sucker for friendship, it won’t even work in the first place if we are not friends. It’s a gradual process, know him well enough. Communication is the key ingredient for a relationship to work, you should be able to talk endlessly with your partner and not struggle to strike a conversation with him, once there is a struggle, it only means there is a problem. Basic knowledge about him, his likes and dislikes, family, etc. every day is another day to discover a new thing, that’s how friendship works. You are just never tired of talking!

Miss Independence

You may think it’s about putting up an act to show you can handle your finances? NO! Being independent here only means, stay busy with yourself and don’t choke him all up by canceling all other activities that existed in your life before you met him. Just because you are together doesn’t mean other activities and other people should be canceled totally! If you are doing this you need to stop because at some point he just may get tired of seeing you on a daily. Let him miss you!

Zero Expectation, Zero Disappointment

Once you start dating, most ladies would start thinking ‘marry me’. You only spoil things with this thought just go with the flow that he brings on board. Don’t strike him as a desperate girl who just wants to be married.

Don’t be a Nag

This is the spoiler alert! No man wants to stay with a nagging girlfriend who just never sees anything good in what he does. You should let him know when you are unhappy about a situation but your manner of approach will help save the day. Shower him with praises, don’t condemn him even when things are tough, do not compare him with your friend’s boyfriend. Constantly nagging a guy won’t change his behavior but makes him defensive and this can be frustrating to both of you. Nag not!

Sexy Cool

No matter how long you have been with him, make sure you keep the spark alive. Some girls just feel overly comfortable when they are so sure about the guy and they let their guards down. Make him go bananas every time he sets his eyes on you. Wear that bubbly outfit he likes once in a while, send him mind-blowing text messages. Keep the spark alive!

A surprise is the Spice of Life

This is applicable in every aspect of the relationship. Like they say, it’s the little things that matter, you can leave a note for him or the big one, go skydiving or get him gifts and just make him smile. Pull him out of his comfort zone!

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